Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fortunate and Thankful

Blog Pals treasury list, originally uploaded by msbellee.

This week and last week I have been very fortunate to be in several treasury lists on Etsy. I feel I'm not worthy of all these list inclusions, but I am certainly thankful to be in such wonderful and talented company as is evidenced by these lists!

The above list was created by my dear friend Stephanie Gibson. (You all know and love her, too!). She is one of my first Etsy friends and I am proud to call her such. She is also mom to 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2', and from what I hear she is a terrific babysitter! Wish she lived close to me!! (Thank you Stephanie!)

I was also in another list created by 'appalachia' featuring members of the 'Etsy Gardening 101' Flickr group. Thank you appalachia!

Etsy Gardening 101 group treasury list

And last but not least is a list that I was in last week that I forgot to add to my blog. It's an EtsyMoms Street Team list created by LP Jewelry (Lisa's Pieces) of Etsy. Thanks Lisa!

Etsy Moms Rock

I'm so flattered to be inlcuded in each and every one of these lists. All I can say to everyone who created these is thank you. I feel I'm not worthy, but thank you! I very much appreciate it.


Isis said...

are you kidding! of course you deserve to be in all those treasuries!
i love your pearl coin earrings, they are great in / because of all their simplicity.

thanks for all the super-nice comments you left on my blog! heartwarming :-)

msbelle said...

Thank you! I love visiting your blog and seeing your creations/life/adventures! :-)

Steph said...

Oh course you are worthy!

lil922 said...

congratulations on the treasuries! All of the lists are beautiful - as is your jewelry! said...

First of all - you do us all proud!
Second - I can't believe I missed that awesome treasury from Steph!

msbelle said...

Thank you all. :) That means a lot!

mdk jewelry designs said...

you deserve every treasury you get! you go girl! i am so proud of you.
here's to wishing you get more treasuries to show off your beauties.

Anandi said...

Your Etsy items are *gorgeous*. I just started making jewelry and am thinking about selling it someday, but now I realize I've got quite a bit of work to do :)