Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Wonderful Customer

First of all let me apologize to everyone. I have been so busy lately and so tired. Kevin has been sick for over a week now with a stuffy nose, cough, fever, and just plain feeling yucky. He missed two days of school this week, poor thing. I had a bit of a sinus headache myself. I've also been trying to get things made for my Etsy shop so I don't get out of the habit of making things and being creative. That is really important to me. I've pretty much let the house go at this point. And, well, I just haven't felt like being my bloggy self at all. I miss all of you terribly, visiting your blogs and having you visit mine. But I just had to take a moment to blog about this.

I was thrilled recently to have sold a pair of pearl earrings to a fellow Carolinian (South), my first sale to the Carolinas other than family. A very friendly customer and fun too. So when my customer emailed me saying she was blogging about her purchase I was twice thrilled! Here is her entry about her experience shopping with MsBelle on Etsy.

To my customer, I really appreciate your kindness and am very flattered. I'm very grateful. Customers like you don't come along every day and it means a lot when you do. So my thanks to you for being such a wonderful customer. You made my otherwise lousy week not so lousy!


Steph said...

Nothing better than a customer who truly loves your work!

SilverMonk Design said...

Hope you both get well soon!

CarolinaDreamz said...

Why didn't I think that if you are on my bloglog that you'd have a blog? I'm such a dingbat! *smile*

You are so wonderful to link to my blog post, too! I'm so glad I ran into your shop!

I read a cute post, yesterday, about a lady preparing items for her etsy shop.. then she typed (that doesn't exist yet!) and I had to giggle.. that's me! My kids talk etsy like it exists already, too.

I'm sorry to hear that you and I, both, have been having sinus headache issues. I'm even more sorry that your son is sick, too. We've all come full circle of the first round of whatever we get just because school started..

From your middle name post, which I'm going to feel tagged by, now *giggle*.. I'm also an insomniac on my last leg of life right now..

I'll add you to my sidebar and visit again soon!


Ann Westby said...

Nothing like a happy customer to put a smile on your face! I had a sick boy myself a couple of weeks ago. No fun. :-( Hope you guys are feeling better!