Friday, October 26, 2007

Bring On the Megazord

I want to thank everyone who has sent Kevin their good wishes. Each time I tell him there are people all over the world wishing him well I get a smile on an otherwise blank and pitiful face.

Yet another trip back to the doctor yesterday (Thursday) as the Augmentin was not staying down and Kevin had pretty much stopped eating. He will not turn his head as his ear hurts quite badly all the way down into his neck. He has been running a fever between 99.7 and 100.9 degrees Farenheit. He didn't have a fever the day we went to the doctor after school on Tuesday. This developed on Tuesday night and Wednesday. He was also kind of dizzy today from the ear infection messing with his balance a little bit. He thought that was strange. So I called the doc and they said I should probably bring him back in.

Well, today they brought out the big guns. He got a shot of Rocephin in his tushie. I had the same shot of antibiotic last year when I could not get over the bug I had. It finally knocked out whatever it was...finally. I hope it does the same for Kevin. (However, after reading this article, it makes you wonder what we're doing to our kids and ourselves.) Also, beginning tomorrow, he starts another different oral antibiotic called Omnicef. Surely with the combination of the shot and this he will get over this ear and sinus infection.

Poor Kevin. He cried, of course, from the needle. But it didn't last long and then he got over it. I told him that the antibiotics he had before this were like regular Power Rangers. They were doing battle and putting up a good fight, but they needed more help to conquer this terrible infection. It was now time to call in the Megazord (which was the shot). I explained to him that the Megazord was going to go in with everything it had, armed to the teeth, and blast this bug away. I told him that the regular Power Rangers had been fighting really hard, but they didn't quite have all the ammunition it was going to take to fight off whatever this was keeping him sick; therefore the Megazord had to be sent in. He understood this concept. :)

Let's hope the Megazord does its job. It's really strange not hearing Kevin talk, not hearing him laugh, not seeing him play or do anything but lie on the couch and sleep. It's also strange that he doesn't want anything to eat. This boy likes food. I even tried to bribe him with his favorites but he wanted nothing. Nothing. He hasn't had food in him since Wednesday night and not much of his supper then. I'm going to try to get him to at least eat some toast tomorrow. He has to have energy for his Megazord.

Once again, I thank everyone for their support, kind words and good wishes. It is very much appreciated on this end by both me and Kevin.



knitsteel said...

I hope this does the job for him. Power Rangers were a very good explanation!

abowlofbeads said...

Sending more hugs and best wishes from this end of the world. Hang in there.

Miachelle said...

All hail the Megazord! Prayers and best wishes for a rapid recovery!


Stacie said...

I don't remember ever having an ear infection as a kid, but I had a doozy a few years made me cry and toss my cookies too...very painful...I am sending my prayers your sorry he feels so bad..I know it is worrying.

Candace said...

Awwww...poor Kevin. I do hope this time around the medicine works for him. It's no fun feeling so terrible.

Hope you feel well soon Kevin. Sending get well hugs!

Gallery Juana said...

....sending more good vibes your way.

SilverMonk Design said...

Drinks lots of water to flush them away as well! You will get stronger and bigger after this Kevin. We all sending our prayers your way!