Friday, February 1, 2008

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Today it rained. Boy did it rain! At least it seemed like it did, we haven't had any in so long. Oh now, I'm not complaining as we need the rain so desperately. We're in a severe drought and every little drop helps. I noticed the birds were scarce today. I usually see a few cardinals and juncos outside the window of the room where I work, but they didn't show up today. I suppose the rain kept them snuggled into their nests to keep warm and dry. So today I worked.

While it rained, I rephotographed some older pieces of jewelry that haven't sold yet and I'm going to try to bring some new life to them with new pictures. Here's one example:

This pink and green tourmaline and oval coin pearl necklace and earring set was one of the first pieces I listed on Etsy. It has over 1400 views, 49 hearts (people who have made it a favorite) but still no takers. I've lowered the price and raised the price, put it on sale, then raised the price again. I don't know why it still lives with me. It's a really pretty set. I'm only left to assume that no one wants a set. So after some discussion on Flickr with some other Etsy sellers, I guess I'm going to have to break them up (which breaks my heart). And everyone knows that breaking up is hard to do.... (I know: pitiful pun. But it fits!)


So I've had my shop on Etsy for a little over a year now and just in the past few months things have started picking up for me a bit. I'm now pushing 200 sales which I'm absolutely thrilled about! Just recently I acquired a few new gemstone beads. I'll probably hoard them for a while and stare at them, but I'll eventually make something with them to share with everyone else. (That's one of the hardest things for me to do, part with my stash!)

Here are some really pretty kyanite briolettes that I've made into simple wire wrapped earrings. They are a nice size briolette. They're big enough so they won't get lost in long hair, and they're shiny and glossy with a very pretty icy blue body color. They'll go with just about anything from jeans to a black dress.

Kyanite briolette earrings in sterling silver

...and I have a few more briolettes if anyone wants a pair. :)

February 6th I'll be doing another showcase. This time on a Wednesday instead of my usual Thursday. That's because I accidently selected the wrong day when clicking! This will be my last one for a while as I'm getting a bit burned out and they're getting just too expensive to keep doing. But I've said that before. I did well in the last two I was in, including this past Thursday. Lots of views once again and sold quite a few things that day (for me anyway). But the showcase always helps to stimulate me in a creative direction. I get my hands to work making new pieces so I can put them in the showcase (if they're worthy). This past Thursday night got me 5 sales! (Thank you to everyone who visited my shop that day! I appreciate you stopping by!) But like I said, burnout is here so I need to take a few days off from pushing myself.

I have to leave you with my new favorite pair of earrings. They're really pretty rose quartz teardrops briolettes with oxidized sterling silver spiral cage links. I oxidized the sterling silver to be very dark. Aren't they cool looking? I'm in love with them. That's my last pair of these rose quartz until I can find some more.

Rose quartz briolettes and oxidized sterling silver cage link earrings

That's it for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Until later....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces!! I was admiring that set on Etsy the other day, it's beautiful and those photos are great. And WOW at all those brios you have there!!

Yazmin said...

It's hard to say why some things sell and others don't without experimentation. I myself at times have been surprised when pieces finally went to a home, even after I had long given up on them myself.

Maybe splitting them up *is* the best thing for them...

Steph said...

I love the first shot of the tourmaline earrings. That shot will sell them for sure!
I am glad to hear you are doing well with the Showcase.
Don't let yourself get burned out!

stacie said...

I just bought some wonderful with silver! Sorry about the set...I don't make them anymore...I just use similar elements..can't sell them either!

CarolinaDreamz said...

Hey Ginger!

I'm trying to be up and about in blogs again.. I've missed you!

The Rose Quartz is gorgeous.. I lost my pearl ear rings before I ever wore them. I'll try to get my tears all over your blog here.. I have some hope that I'll find them.. somewhere..

I'm going to hop around and catch up in a few of the previous posts..

*hugz* ~Heidi

mdk jewelry designs said...

i love the pearl and tourmaline set. i know where we could go and mine our our tourmaline. he he! said...

I love the new cuts your choosing for your stones!