Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Son (and other things)

my son's rose
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I gave Kevin a rose this past New Year's Eve. It's long since dead, dried and quite withered, but it still remains beautiful. We will all be slightly dry and withered with age, but we're still going to remain beautiful, inside and out.

Being 46 (47 next month), this old dried out rose now means a lot to me. Not only because it's still beautiful in its present state, but because Kevin loves it so. He won't let me throw it away. He says "That's my rose you gave me, Mommy. You can't throw it away."

I guess now I understand why. :)

I've been spending a lot of time learning to use my new camera (yay!) and just living life instead of writing in my blog (sorry). I've been outside a lot watching Kevin as he learns to roller skate and ride his new scooter. He's got the skinned knees and bruises to show for both!

scootin' IMG_5100

double scraped knees

And then yesterday he wiped out on his scooter. He went down face first into the grass. I thought for sure he'd get up without any teeth, but he didn't. He skinned his chin pretty good though. I must say he's much better at scootering than he is at skating, but he's learning and having fun, and that's what counts I guess. If you look closely in the picture below, you'll see his skinned up chin.

the skinned chin

His homework today was to write a story.
He chose to write about yesterday's scooter wipe-out.
Read it for yourself.

A scooter story


"I went scootering.
I was fast!
I soared.
The scooter hit a bump!
I fell!"

I love his story, don't you?

I'm very proud of him for another reason as well. When I opened up his school agenda today this is what I read:

I'm a very proud mom 400

Now how about that? You can't beat that with a stick! I'm so very proud of him and I most certainly told him so! :D

He's growing up and getting tall.
He's becoming a handsome young man.

look ma, no tooth!!
He lost his left front tooth and now he looks so cute!!

And the right front tooth is loose too so it won't be
long until it comes out. Then he'll really look cute!

I've mainly been trying to figure out my camera during my absence. It's a Canon S5 IS. It's the one I said I wanted. I'm not sure about some things yet, but so far it's fun. It doesn't do the jewelry as well as I hoped but I'm still learning I suppose. So far, I've had an awful time getting the blues in my jewelry to photograph correctly, but I've had a good time taking pics of Kevin and other things. Indoor pics leave a bit to be desired because I'm not a fan of using the flash. When you set the ISO so the pics will shoot properly, you get an awful lot of noise in the photos. I'm bummed about that. It's still early though and the jury is still out. I have a lot to learn still. I did get some great shots at the NC Zoo. We took a trip there during Kevin's week of spring break. Here's a couple of my favorites I took while there.

african elephant

hamadryas baboons

There are a ton more pictures in a set on Flickr and I invite you to go and see them. We had so much fun at the zoo. It was well worth seeing Kevin's face as he viewed the different animals. We'll have to go back.

So that's an update on what's been going on and why I've been absent. More than likely I'll be absent again, off taking pictures and trying to figure out the camera. Or spraying Bactine on Kevin's knees! I'll leave you with this video of him skating.

I hope everyone has been staying healthy and safe.

Until next time...


ebbandflo said...

wow tooth fairy time already! i'd beeter show my wee guy what's just around the corner
your pics are looking amazing - i spotted a difference in your flickr gallery and wondered if you'd got a new camera. hope it works out for the jewelry pics too. i play around with the programming on mine and it has improved.

Beadiful Things said...

He's a tryer! I think he's doing great. :-) This is especially topical as I took Ellie to the ice rink a week or so ago. I used to be a great skater, but of course that was 25 years ago! So I had to re-instruct myself while trying to keep Ellie vertical too. She loved it (all except the falling part) and has been pestering me for skates or roller blades ever since. She's a bit young, though. In time.

Glad to see your post, Ginger! Was starting to worry about you!

Take care!

SilverMonk Design said...

I like what you said about "just living life instead of writing in my blog" !

I think Flickr held us all together and i am enjoy seeing all the photos that you took with the new camera!

( a picture worth a thousand words!)...


abowlofbeads said...

Hi Ginger, glad to see Kevin having a wild time! Hugs to both! said...

Wonderful strawberries! I will have to find a place like that.
I am so proud of Kevin, too.
You know how when something is 'off' in a kid you can usually trace it back to the parents' (not always) but it's the same when there is something special about a child - I see your heart in Kevin.
Full of love, and always there with a kind word of encouragement and advise.

BetteJo said...

Love the flower and his not wanting to let go of it. Sweet.
And the skates? 4 wheels on each foot! Yay!!! I think rollerblades will kill ya. :)