Monday, August 18, 2008

Goodbye Mountains, Hello Beach

goodbye sized

Gone are the Blue Ridge Mountains. I've left them behind (for now). They've been replaced by the skinny little trees that are few and far between in this ever expanding urban sprawl that's Charlotte. The peace and quite of the country has been exchanged for the sounds of the city. Gosh, how I hated to leave.

Blue Ridge Mountains of Ashe County, NC
the Phoenix as seen from Mt. Jefferson

I went outside last night and got my crying over with. I sat listening to the crickets and the owls. I heard the deer on the hill behind mom's house snort the alarm when he got a whiff of me. I listened to the peace and quiet and just took in the cool night air. The moon peeked out of the clouds and shined a slight ray of hope.

Blue Ridge Mountains of Ashe County, NC
looking toward Tennessee from Mt. Jefferson


On a lighter note, the Ola Belle Reed Festival was this past weekend in Lansing. It started Friday night and went through Sunday. I spent a large part of the day Saturday packing our things to get ready to leave. The ball field where the festival takes place is right below mom's house and the music echoes up the valley. It makes for a great cheap seat. We heard quite a bit of good music from the yard Friday night, listening to it echo off the hillsides.

viewing from the front yard
view from mom's yard

late night onstage
late night on the stage (zoomed in)

It was a good time. The bands were terrific and Kevin had great fun dancing in the dark!

Then the night ended with fireworks!

Ola Belle fireworks

I'll post more pictures of the festival when I get the chance. We're getting up tomorrow and heading out for Myrtle Beach. (Just got here and now we're going to turn around and leave again!) Kevin is going to enjoy it. I'll try to as well (as long as it doesn't rain). I'm not a sand person though, but I do like to watch Kevin having a good time. There's a chance of rain every day we're going to be there, so I'm sure we'll be visiting the aquarium.

And while we're at the beach, good ol' Barney gets to stay in the mountains a couple more weeks. Lucky dog. I left him with mom so she could babysit him while we were gone. He loves her. Thanks mom!


The good thing is, we get to go back to the mountains and get him in two weeks! Yay!

we'll be back

Well, we'll see you in Myrtle Beach! Keep your fingers crossed that Hurricane Fay doesn't come our way!

Until next time....


Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

What a lovely lovely post (and lament)! I feel so lucky and blessed to live at the edge of the woods, right in the Silicon Valley. I wish you had that same luxury!

Have a wonderful time at the beach, even with the sand. xoxo

Yazmin said...

My heart goes out to you Ginger. I hate leaving places I love behind too. :/

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Edna Million from Flickr - I thought I'd leave you a note here since if you're like me you forget to check pictures again when you've left a note - and if there's a way for Flickr to let you know that a note has a reply, I haven't figured it out yet.

Pocahontas is the WEIRDEST place - it's in Virginia, right at the West VA line, not far from Bluefield. At one time it was a booming coal town, with a big population. Now something like 400 people live there. I am just fascinated by it - all those buildings are falling in, and they just sit there, apparently till they completely collapse. We first found it probably 8 or 9 years ago, and it was just the same, except more ruins were there. I guess when they finally collapse the rubble gets hauled away.

We were there a year ago, and that big ruin on the main street had just fallen in. I found an article online about it and they were trying to restore it when it fell in. It was a store and restaurant and I think had also been a hotel at one time.

It's bizarre. It looks like the remains of a terrible disaster.

The other town, Bramwell, is a few miles away and is the total opposite. At one time it had the largest population of millionaires in the US, and it's full of big old mansions that are mostly very well cared for. The house you noted, with the big round ... room? Whatever it is - is the only one that really looks in bad shape. I am in LOVE with that house. I imagine the owner is very old and can't afford the upkeep.

Sorry to hijack your notes, but it's just too fascinating an area to resist yakking about!

Starry Designs said...

It's so sad to have to leave a place you love so much, especially a mountain area. I will be doing the same in January next year, waving my goodbyes to beautiful Oregon. I will be balling!

Best wishes to your new place at the beach! I'm sure Kevin will have a lot of fun! said...

How are things?
Kev man in school?
Your shop business doing well?
The new earring styles you have been making are breathtaking!

Sorry you have to leave the mountains. :(