Monday, December 8, 2008

Been Busy!

Well, golly! The season is upon us for sure and I'm certainly feeling it too! Due to some very fortunate appearances on the Etsy front page I have been just a busy little beaver!

Front Page 12.03.08
4blog Etsy Front Page 12.03.08
Thank you thejunebride!

Front Page 12.05.08
4blog Etsy Front Page 12.05.08
Thank you Etsy gods!

These two appearances brought me not only sales, but custom orders as well and that's why I've been so busy. I've been trying to get everyone's items made, photographed and shipped! Whew! I think I'll be glad when the season is over!

I have made some new things as well and the latest are the gorgeous labradorite earrings. They are in sterling silver and are about 1 3/4 inches long.

Labradorite briolette collage for blog

They are a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings as their flash is uncomparable. I can oxidize these as well for whomever ends up purchasing them.

Along with the labradorite, I made these pretty prasiolite briolette (green amethyst) earrings in sterling on my own lightly hammered arched earwires.

4blog Prasiolite (green amethyst) briolette earrings in sterling

Pink amethyst briolette earrings in sterling.

4blog Pink amethyst briolette earrings in sterling

Aqua chalcedony briolette earrings in goldfill.

4blog Dark aqua chalcedony briolette earrings in goldfill

And I brought back my 'Snowballs' from last year! White freshwater pearls in blackened sterling silver.

4blog White freshwater pearls and oxidized sterling silver earrings

One of my favorite customer requests was for two pairs of my "Twirly Slide" earrings. One in goldfill and one in oxidized and polished sterling silver. Both have labradorite briolettes dangling at the bottom of the 'slide'.

4blog customer request

Aren't they great? And they were so fun to make! I've been making lots of labradorite pieces.

4blog been busy

Along with the everything else, I made these for my sisters and also a pair for Kevin's teacher. They're Swarovski crystal Christmas tree earrings and they're so very cute and sparkly!

4blog Oh Christmas tree....

And I took a little time and visited my bead store where a trunk show was being held this past weekend. Boy, talk about some gems! There were quite a few! I could have taken a bath in all the yummy gemstones that were there! I got some very pretty things. I hope you will agree!

4blog girls just wanna have stones....

That's all I have time for right now as it's bedtime and I have to get back at it early tomorrow morning after the boy goes to school.

I hope everyone is well and had a good Thanksgiving. I know I must have gained about 5 pounds at least!

Until next time....


Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

Ginger those labs are beautiful! I had them in my house (he sent them to me with a few other strands I was looking at), but I couldn't bring myself to buy them since they weren't what I was needing at the time.

Now that you have them I wish I had bought them myself. rofl

Greed is an ugly thing. ;)

~ tracychong ~ said...

The Christmas Tree earrings are very lovely!