Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I wrote. (I know, I know. I did it again. I'm a slacker!) No one ever said I was a very good blogger and I'm more than living proof of that, aren't I? But I'm here to update you about what's been going on since December.

Since Christmas, it seems like it's been one thing after another. Starting the week before Christmas, Barney developed a disabling back problem and had to be strictly crated for a while (as well as take meds). No more jumping or climbing stairs for him. I had to carry him in and out to potty which put a strain on my back and I was then laid up with a bad back myself for a while. I am happy to say that he's recovering but is not completely well yet. It's so hard seeing him not be able to do things the way he once did. Hopefully with time the healing process will continue to work its magic.

All I want for Christmas is for my sweet Barney to get better

Not only has Barney been ailing, but so have the rest of us. We've all had bouts with one cold right after another. Kevin had ear infections twice. Seems like he'd just get better and then get hit again within a week after the antibiotic was finished. (Reminiscent of his kindergarten year.) I was sick for 3 weeks in January and just couldn't seem to kick it. It's been a rough start to the year but things are finally looking up (thankfully).

my new best friends

Sunday night we FINALLY got snow!! Yes, snow in Charlotte! I couldn't believe it! It's been about 5 years since we had any real accumulation.

our snowy back yard

Kevin even got to go outside and make a snowman as there was no school yesterday! I'm so glad he finally got to play in the snow. He enjoyed it. Now it's practically all gone. He named his snowman "Indy" after Indiana Jones!


And now for some good news!! I was given the honor of being chosen one of Etsy's Featured Sellers! It hit the front page of Etsy yesterday around noon and is turning out to be an incredible experience!

From Blogger Pictures

I'm pretty exhausted right now after answering tons of emails! I'm beginning to run out of new things to put in my shop. I had a hard time coming up with new pieces having the year start off the way it did. But I feverishly made what I could and will do all that I can. I regret I could not prepare more thoroughly but given the circumstances there was not a lot more I could do. I'm hanging in there though!

I can't thank everyone enough for all their support and kind words. And welcome to all my new customers!! I have to relay that I'm running a little behind in shipping, but I promise I'll get all caught up this weekend. Here is a little collage of some of my new pieces. Some may have already sold and to those customers "thank you!" But there is still a lot remaining in my shop.

From Blogger Pictures

Thank you to everyone who is hanging in there with me! I truly appreciate your support!

And thank you Etsy! It's been a wild ride so far!!! Whew!!


Jelveh Designs said...

I found you by of the Featured Seller, glad to hear all is looking up and you are done with the illness and all of that...
good luck with all the selling and shipping, you work is lovely...
keep on blogging...

DolceBaci said...

Congrats on making Featured Seller! Your work is just amazing!

beakee said...

Yaaaaay! Your hard work has really paid off and your shop is looking fabulous. Congratulations once again! You totally deserve the spotlight :)

I hope Barney gets better really soon though. He's been laid up for quite a while already, poor thing.

msbelle said...

Thank you so much!!! It's truly amazing what happens when you hit the front page of Etsy. Knowing that I should have had my shop full of at least 100 things but alas I could not. Sigh.... I'm doing what I can as fast as I can but I'm a deer caught in the headlights!!!

Jasmin, thanks! Barney is some better and wags his tail now. He's able to follow me around again, but he still can't get on the stool in front of the window to look out while I'm working. I don't know if he ever will be able to do it again or not. He's hanging in there with me, always by my side. He's an amazing friend. Just like you!! ;)

Fossa said...

Congrats on the etsy feature!!

Hope the next few months are healthier than the last.

Tamara said...

Glad to see you back and congrats on the feature in etsy!

Beadiful Things said...

Congrats on the Featured Seller, Ginger! Hope your Spring is healthy and profitable. :-)

Candace said...

Glad to see you back blogging!

You have been given some love on my blog...check it out. :)

msbelle said...

Oh wow Candace! Thank you so much!! :D

msbelle said...

and thank you everyone! I'm beginning to float back down to the ground now and hope to write here soon about my 'roller coaster' ride!

Giulia Mauri said...

I just found you on the Etsy Storique! Congratulations for your feature, it's lovely!
All the best with your business,


ShinyAdornments said...

I am THRILLED for you. :-)

And just found your blog again as well as discovered you are a 'first time older Mom'. Me too.. I've got a 4 year old.

Congrats on the FP feature.

Simply Shiny Blog

stacey said...

congrats again ginger!!

SilverMonk said...

Well done and Congrats again!

susanc said...

CONGRATS on being a featured seller. Your jewelry is really beautiful.

I'm glad that Barney is doing well - our pets are truly family members.

I wish we'd get snow - yeah, right! I live in So. Cal. and always wish we'd get a little now - we did a year ago this month, so I guess anything is possible!

msbelle said...

Thanks everyone so very much for stopping by! I really appreciate you all visiting me and all your nice comments. I'm finally able to catch my breath a little bit now!

Anonymous said...

Hey you talented, sweet and AMAZING soul!
I am so very happy that we are getting to know each other. I found that there is always a very genuine, kind and talented soul behind every successful shop! Big fat congrats on the feature;) I was very happy for 2 reasons, one, someone I like was featured and two, finally some classic timeless designs were noticed by etsy.