Monday, April 11, 2011

Life Gets Complicated

it gets confusing

Very confusing and complicated sometimes.

I know it's not just complicated for me. It is for you too. It is for all of us at times. As a result, I've been absent again without notice and I apologize. Life caught up with me and threw me some curve balls.  It's been my main focus since Christmas, to the point it has been consuming me.

My Jeep died.  :(
We are now a one car family. It's tough.

The boy was diagnosed with ADD (inattentive type) which is life changing to say the least.

As a result, we're making some changes which I will go into later.

He got a second place ribbon at his elementary school
science fair which qualified him to go to the
regional science fair at UNCC.
In front of his project at the UNCC Regional Science Fair.
We were so proud!

And his 3rd grade Hero Project was on Albert Einstein.
Here's his mobile made from paper clips and straws.
I love how it turned out!

Then there's the ongoing need for new shoes....

And somewhere along the line, spring happened!

Needless to say, jewelry has been the last thing on my mind. I do have a few new pieces in the shop and hopefully more will come as things calm down a bit here.

AAA Cognac Quartz Briolette and Hammered Circle Necklace in Sterling - OOAK

Tourmalinated Quartz Briolette Earrings in Solid 14k White Gold

Amethyst briolette spiral earrings in goldfill

I'm loving my new camera, the Nikon D3100.
It has turned out to be a lot of fun!

frozen ivy

tonight's sunset

full moon 2.17.11 (reached #458 in Explore! Thank you!)

Night-night kisses

I'm still learning how to use it and have a long way to go. But so far, I definitely recommend it.

As I said earlier, my main focus has been on the boy. I've been burying myself in research on ADD, how food effects ADD, alternative avenues of treatment, and running around to various appointments. A lot of time is spent helping the boy stay on task with his homework. It's all been sort of mind boggling.

In researching all this, I kept coming across some very interesting links about our processed food chain. I read many forums, comments, articles, etc., and watched videos on how processed food plays a part in ADD. But it's not just ADD. It plays a role in many other things, not the least of which are cancer and diabetes. Processed foods, artificial colors and dyes, as well as preservatives is more than likely adversely effecting our health. We seriously need to take steps to control what we eat. What I have learned so far has been enough to make me want to march on Washington! Since I can't realistically do that, I am instead voting with my wallet. We are now going to start buying organic, and purchase locally grown as much as possible. Processed foods will be few and far between in our house. At least that's my goal.

I strongly urge you to visit the links below, watch the videos and movies, research and read some things for yourselves, and educate yourself. Become a smart consumer. Read labels. Decide if you, too, need to make a change. We decided to. And if we all do, it will send a HUGE message to Washington that we aren't going to take it anymore.

If you eat, you truly need to watch this movie. It will change the way you see food forever.

A video about our processed foods. You have to see this one too.

And this is eye opening to say the least.

And the following links to a very good blog by a local Charlottean who has changed the way her family eats. This is about their journey. It's filled with terrific tips and recipes, some of which I have made myself. (and if you know me, you know I don't like to cook. But if I can do it, you can do it!)

So now that I have begun my journey into a new way of healthy eating, I'm feeling much better about things and about life in general. Things are looking up again. But this is just the beginning.

It will be baby steps at first , but I'll take it one day at a time. Things will be ok. Things will get better.

I'm doing it for me.
But I'm especially doing it for him.



Gemheaven said...

You are very much loved Ginger ~ I hope you know that and there is a little team behind you ;)

I've read so much about processed foods in the past ~ cooking has become for many just putting the oven on and popping the food inside it until ready ~ yet food does taste so much better when the ingrediants have been bought locally, fresh and in season.
The UK is just as bad as the US for processed foods ~ its probably worldwide!

SilverMonk said...

Since you are onto the case, its only going to get better from now on!
I subscribed to a local organic food connect and buy local,organic does not need to be expensive. ( there may be something like that in your neigbournehood).

I get used to check the label and advoid any numbers when shopping.

Life always love to thew us curve balls every now and then and one day we will hit a home run.......


Wan said...

Oh Ginger, I'm so sorry, but yes, as Jo said, we're all behind you, here for you. *hugs*

beakee said...

Hey Ginger, big hugs to you and Kevin. He'll be ok, he has such a wonderful and devoted mom :) As for food, everything you mentioned is a pet topic of mine as you might've seen here and there on my blog (sadly I don't update it any more but that's another story). The situation is particularly difficult for us here in Singapore because we are physically too small and largely have to import everything. I've also read up a bit on the American commercial food chain, and it's grim but at least you have options and are exploring them. I've always believed that health is one's greatest asset and there's no point trying to save time or money at its expense. Here's to a healthier life for you and yours :)

Som's Studio said...

Wow Ginger, you have a LOT going on. Big hugs to you. You are a fabulous mom and I am sure that the changes you are making will make things easier.

ebbandflo said...

hugs and cheers to you and Kevin (and Barney of course).

msbelle said...

Thank you all! It's great to have such support and understanding. I wish you all nothing but the best!