Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Little Man

My Little Man, originally uploaded by msbellee.

Look what Kevin helped me do. Now don't you go thinking that I somehow forced him into it. He wanted to do this of his own free will. "Mommy, can I use the shovel, pleeeeease??!" I didn't see why not, so I handed it to him and I let him at it. It was a little heavy but he managed. He had fun too. He felt like such a little man! Together we loaded three wheelbarrows full of leaves just from my puny little patio. Gonna make some great compost!

Kevin is a good helper. I'm trying to teach him that he needs to pitch in and help do some things. He loves to mop and dust. He likes to vacuum and sweep. He even likes to help do laundry. I wonder just how long this is all going to last? Who knows? I'm trying to raise him to be thoughtful and considerate, willing to help out. But there is this one thing I can't get him to do...PICK UP HIS TOYS!


Maile said...

Hehe. Maybe if he could pick up his toys with the shovel... ;)

MsBelle said...

I asked him today if I gave him a shovel would he pick up his toys with it. "Oh, mommy, that's not what you use a shovel for!" It was worth a try!! :)

suchprettycolors said...

heehee, you have a cutie there! my two year old son is the same way, he wants to help cook, do the dishes, take out the trash. but not only will he not put away his toys, he howls when I try to put them away. oh well, can't blame him, i leave my toys [crafting supplies] out all the time, too.