Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mother's Day & Tagged Again

Blue Ridge Mtns., originally uploaded by msbellee.

If you read this blog even just a little you will come to learn that I'm from Lansing, in Ashe County in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and I want to go back there to stay. First of all my mother is there. I also have a sister there, a brother there and numerous friends. But most important of all...my heart is there.

For me there never was a truer statement than what Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz: "There's no place like home." To me there most certainly isn't. Nothing compares to it. Never could, never will. The beauty of the place is one thing, but the feeling of belonging and centeredness I have when there is quite another. When I'm there I just feel relaxed. I can breathe. I feel I'm where I need to be. My roots are there. I grew up there. My family has been there for generations. When I'm away from there, I feel more stressed. I constantly find myself thinking about when I can go back. And I'm happy to say that tomorrow, Tuesday, I'm going!

Being that Mother's Day is this weekend, I'll be going home to spend it with (who else?) my mother (Kevin's Granny). I'm going to make it an extended stay, probably 'til the first week of June. Of course, Kevin is going too. I couldn't leave the grandson now could I? And Barney is going too. He's the granddog! I love taking both Kevin and Barney to the mountains to see Granny. And they both love to go too!

Kevin will get to run around barefoot in the grass as he won't have to worry about fire ants! He'll get to play in the dirt all he wants. He can walk up the hill behind Granny's house to see the beautiful view from up there. We'll go see his uncle (my brother) play bluegrass up on a real stage in front of a great big audience! He'll also get to ride on a real John Deere tractor and even get to steer! He gets to do all sorts of fun things there! But most of all he gets to see his Granny.

Granny is one of a kind, let me tell you. She's the best influence I could possibly think of for both Kevin and me. I've always said I want to be just like her when I grow up, but I fall terribly short of that I'm afraid. Suffice it to say we love Granny very much. Very much. And she is why we like going home as often as we can. There's no place like home, and there's no other Granny like her! She's just the best. I'm so exicted!


Tag, I'm "It" Again

I was tagged yet a third time by Misti of mdkjewelrydesigns, so here I go again!!

1. I have bifocals.

2. I did desktop publishing for 12 years. I still have a need to be on the computer. I think I was subliminally trained to sit at it for 60 hours a week!

3. I totaled my mom's station wagon while still driving with my learner's permit.

4. I was 4th runner up and the overall talent winner in the Miss Ashe County Beauty Pageant when I was a junior in high school. (hehe, what a looooong time ago that was!)

5. I wore braces for 4 years. I had a space between my two front teeth like Lauren Hutton and I could spit water out through them in a stream!

6. I have chronic TMJ in my jaw and every time I talk, chew or yawn I POP. (and it's probably from spitting water out through my two front teeth!)

7. I used to be really, really, really scared of thunderstorms. I remember being a little girl on top of the slide of our swingset and either not being able to come down or I wouldn't come down when it came a thunderstorm. I remember crying because for some reason I felt abandoned there. I used to joke to my mom about being 'left out on the slide'. I'm no longer afraid of storms. I respect them, but now I like to hear the thunder and watch the lightning, and I'm trying to teach Kevin to respect them too but not fear them.

So there you have it, yet another 7 things about me. I am now going to break the rules by not tagging anyone again real soon. I'm going to wait a while to do it, mostly because I don't know anyone who has not been tagged twice already in the past two weeks, and also because I don't know that many people who blog yet! I apologize. I'll pick the game back up soon, though. Thanks for tagging me Misti. I promise I will continue the game. I just want to get to my mom's and have a little time to think about it and do some digging up of new people to tag!

I hope you all have a beautiful day.


eva said...

Hi Ginger!
It`s really nice to get to now you better - thanks to tagging :)
Actually, I found something what may interest you! Here`s the link!

mdk jewelry designs said...

I loved your post and how you think of home. What a great place to be.
I am glad you are going home to be with your mom on Mother's Day.

PS, i forgot to tell you I love the Sundance catalog too.

great minds think alike.

have a great a very safe trip

msbelle said...

Thank you Eva! I've been meaning to get back to you but have been so busy trying to get ready to go to the mountains. It takes me about a week to get ready! Thanks for that link! I'll take some time to visit it this week sometime.

Misti, I love the Sundance catalog! I just wish I had the money to buy something from it! (Love their jewelry, don't you?) I can't wait to hear about how you love Tim McCreight's book and see the first thing you make!

knitsteel said...

I'm sorry I haven't done the 7 things yet. I'm still not caught up after the workshop. I finally updated my blog.

I also love the mountains in NC. Sometimes I think I'd like to live there, or at least closer.

Enjoy the time with no fire ants. I'm glad we don't have them in WI.

Beadiful Things said...

We're just going to keep tagging you until you run out of fun random facts, Ginger!

Have a great trip home. I am the only one of 4 kids living near our folks (though a long way from my original home) and I consider myself lucky for that, especially now that I have kids. If only my sisters lived here, my world would be complete!

Steph said...

Oh, have a wonderful trip home. Your feelings were so nicely expressed. Is there anything better than seeing your child enjoy your parents and the things you loved as a child?

I am so happy for you, I have to say it again - have a wonderful time.

(wish my brother was in a bluegrass band!)

bellacolle said...

There is nothing like "going home", I can really catch my breath! Hope you have a safe and happy trip!!!

missficklemedia.com said...

Your post on your roots moved me.
I will be believing that you will go home to stay.

About the tagging, this is what happens when you so consistently visit and leave such kind, encouraging words all over the place.

You become very popular!

And rightly so, your character makes me feel like we've been friends for years.
I see a lot of people feel the same!
Enjoy your trip!

suchprettycolors said...

wow, what a beautiful post! Happy Mother's Day to you, and I hope you have a wonderful trip. :)