Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Famous (sort of) Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

(I know, I know.... I've been notably absent. It's mainly because my eyes have been bothering me quite a bit lately (remember, they're the first things to go). Looking at the computer has gotten to them over time and now I tend to get a headache and an eyeball ache when I'm in front of the monitor for an extended period of time. I do apologize for my absence. I miss you all.)

I just had to pop in and let the world know that my Rainbow Moonstone earrings are once again famous (sort of)!! These are the same pair that made it to the front page of Etsy for my one and only appearance a while back. They have 1100 views and have yet to be sold! That's just fine by me. I'll keep 'em! They're worth every penny of the $32.00 that I'm asking for them and I'm not waivering a bit from that price. They are truly AAA grade stones with more rainbow than I've ever had a chance to see up close and personal in a moonstone. I might come down in price on other items in my shop, perhaps put other pieces on sale, but not these. No way. These are special. And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so....

Not long ago I was approached by Juvella, an online Bulgarian jewelry and accessories magazine regarding permission to use my rainbow moonstone earring photos for an article they were doing about the stone. (Juvella who, you say? That's what I said too.) Turns out they have a very, very nice and informative site that is quite fascinating (if only I spoke Bulgarian). (I couldn't find a Bulgarian-to-English webpage translator so I had to copy and paste the text from their site in order to understand it). Of course, I thought it was a hoax until I visited the link they provided me to their site. It was rather impressive looking. They told me they would provide a link back to me under the pics they used if I would allow them to use them. So I said why not, and granted them permission and was excited about the possibility of being famous in Bulgaria!

Juvella.com article featuring my moonstone pics

Well, today I got notification that the article was published online and my pics had been used! Go check it out! It's cool! I did find a text translator for the language barrier so I copied and pasted the text of the article to read it. It's all about the stone. It's mystical properties and beliefs, that it's in the family of feldspar (as is labradorite) and it give it's Mohs scale hardness, etc. It's a good article.

Being a collector and lover of gemstones, I found their article enlightening and fascinating. I love rocks. Love, love, love 'em! I have a small collection that I treasure. It includes emeralds, garnets, sapphires, tanzanite, kunzite, morganite, topaz, aquamarine and yellow beryl, tourmaline, amethyst, etc. I'm serious. I like gems. Wish I could afford the ones I really want like Paraiba tourmaline (copper-bearing making it the color of apatite which is also copper-bearing), alexandrite, rubellite and indicolite tourmaline, and so on. At one point in time I wanted to become a graduate gemologist with the GIA, taking their online and distance courses. I would still someday like to have that "G.G." after my name. So when I say that these rainbow moonstones are AAA, or any gemstone I use for that matter, I mean it! If it's not AAA, I won't say so. I'll just name the stone. If I'm uncertain, I won't say it's AAA grade. I will only say that if I believe it to be true and have some sort of information to back me up.

Anyway, rambling here....

So now once again my rainbow moonstone earrings are famous!! I'm thrilled!!

Thank you Juvella, for allowing my pictures to represent such a fascinating and wonderful gemstone! It was my honor. :)

Until next time. I hope everyone is geared up for the holidays. My next appearance in the Main Showcase is this Friday, December 14th. Wish me luck! Maybe I'll sell these earrings then!! :D


Stacie said...

I am so glad you are back and congrats on the article...the earrings are wonderful, and if they are not selling, raise the price...it really works...
Stacie at http://foxhollowjewelry.wordpress.com
(I really am very angry at blogger. I invite you to try www.wordpress.com, they are inclusive of other bloggers.)

beakee said...

That is so exciting! These earrings really are lovely, I've not come across stones like them. I hope someone'll pick them up soon!

svil said...


I am from the Juvella Team. I just wanted to leave a short note for everyone that liked our website that Juvella will be available in English in few months. I hope one or two months.


svil said...

O...and by the way. If there is anyone interested in submitting an artilce for our "The making of..." section just let us know ( ex. http://www.juvella.com/?p=240 ). Everything from the BG version will be also used in the English version when it comes out.
Contact us at : office ( at ) juvella.com


Gemheaven said...

oh glad you posted on my blog cos now I've added you to ine I can keep updated (lol no pressure to you!!)

Congrats on your beautiful earrings!

Fossa said...

I was so happy to see a post from you in my blog reader. Congrats on the fame!

Sparkle Thots by Ruth said...

Yoohoo! Its me... :P

Congrats again on having this picture up for the article. And I still can't help drooling over the stones.

mdk jewelry designs said...

you so deserve that recognition.

i updated my blog! take a peek when you are bored, and when i mean bored!

thanks you are great.

abowlofbeads said...

Gorgeous!Droooooooool! :P