Friday, December 21, 2007

'Tis the Season

tiny santa

Well, Christmas is upon us. As usual, I haven't finished my shopping. But this year it doesn't bother me if I don't get finished until Christmas Eve. It's been such a long and draining fall with Kevin being so sick so often that I'm just so tired now and all I want to do is sleep instead of shop. I did order some things from Etsy but I can't tell what because they're gifts and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I have the important things bought. That's all that matters I suppose.

I made some good sales in my Etsy shop this holiday season bringing my total sales up to 140. My sales figure reflects 141 right now but that's because I had someone back out of a sale and admin hasn't squared things with me yet, but they will in time. I'm sure a lot of people bought and then changed their mind. It's too bad that has to happen, but it does. I was glad to see the 20th pass as that was the last day to ship Priority with the USPS and get it there on time for Christmas. I made two sales that day and had to rush to get them to the P.O. because I hadn't checked Etsy all morning! I was busy getting ready for Christmas myself and so were they! But I got them mailed and off. One was a sale to Newton, just up the road from Charlotte. That's only my second Carolina sale (other than family). I was tickled.

Kevin has been having fun in his class making things about Christmas as well as other holidays celebrated around the world this time of year. He came home from school today with his backpack just brimming with goodies that he'd made in his class. There were painted and colored things, glued things and folded things. There was a Christmas card he'd made and on the inside he wrote "Merry Christmas Mom Dad and brother. Love, Kevin." He's so funny. He doesn't have a brother!

front of kevin's christmas card

inside of kevin's card

He brought home the gingerbread house he made from graham crackers, frosting, and candy pieces. The whole class made them. His turned out really good! It has a window over the door and it did have green gumdrop chimneys but he ate them! It's an adorable house!

Kevin's gingerbread house

He made an ornament. Oh, it's not just any ornament. It's something quite special and unique. Handmade you might say! The teacher got plain silver ball ornaments and each child painted their hand with white Crayola paint. Then the teacher put the ornament in their hand and they just grabbed the ball, leaving their handprint on the ornament. Then after it dried, the teacher's assistant finished each finger 'snowman' with a hat, face, etc. Then she attached the tag.

Kevin's Ornament

When Kevin showed it to me I thought it was so cute. Then I read the tag. I then proceeded to cry. Kevin didn't understand why I was crying. I told him it was because it was so sweet. He still didn't understand. I told him that when he was much older, say 18 or 20, he could look back at this ornament and see just how small his hand used to be and realize how much he'd grown. I was thinking I could look back at it and see my baby, who will always be my baby no matter how big he grows to be. (I'm crying again.) So then Kevin started crying with me and the two of us were sitting there on the floor in front of the fireplace crying and holding each other, he not really knowing why, and me clinging to his innocence as I clinged to him. What a sight we must have been. Isn't his ornament cute? He made lots of things, but the ornament was the best.

I uploaded lots of pics to Flickr of my decorations for this year. They're the same decorations I always have but since very few of you have seen them before I thought I'd share a bit of what we do in our house for Christmas. So I invite you to Flickr to view my Christmas 2007 set. It's not finished. It won't be until 2008!

celestial ornies

If I don't get another chance to blog before Christmas, I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday! May it be filled with lots of joy and happiness!

Until next time.....


beakee said...

The snowman ornament is just wonderful. I'm sure it will be a treasured keepsake in your family for many years to come! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ginger and all at home! :D

ebbandflo said...

Merry christmas to you and yours Ginger. Congratulations on the sales (this season has been good for ebbandflo too! - happy selling dance) and yes, i've got tears running down my face after looking at the handmade ornaments. They are one of the better, more thoughtful craft ideas that come out of early childhood education!
All the best for 2008 - here's to blogging and selling and keeping in touch!

Beadiful Things by Ann Westby said...

Kevin's ornament is too sweet, Ginger. And I love your moon & sun ornaments -- I have have a bit of a sun/moon/star fixation, so I was quite drawn to them.

I feel for you about being behind for the holiday season due to myriad illnesses. Right at this moment, my youngest is on antibiotics for pneumonia and I'm on steroids for some virus (both of which we picked up skiing, it seems). I'm trying not to sweat it. Got the kids handled, and husband and I agreed that the ski trip would be our present so no worries there.

I think just about every seller on Etsy had at least one buyer back out on a sale; I know I did and I read a lot of angry threads on the forums that told me others did too! :-)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

-- Ann

Gemheaven said...

Merry Christmas - have a wonderful time!

Sparkle Thots by Ruth said...

Have a great Christmas!

I love the snowman ornament and I think I'd love to try it on my lil son. :)

Stacie said...

Merry Christmas...and I am now tearing up at how special the ornament is....
Great story....

Starry Designs said...

Merry Christmas to you, Ginger! And may the new year be filled with plenty of love and joy for you and your family! said...

Merry Christmas, Ginger!
I cried too, when Rex came home with a little tea light painted with the fingerprint snowmen!
It sounds just beautiful in your home for Christmas, I'll bet Kevin just hops around with excitement when you start to bring all the decorations out!

Candace said...

Hi Ginger! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!