Thursday, November 13, 2008

Etsy on Good Morning America!!

Did you get to see Good Morning Amercia this morning? Wow! Talk about some great air time and free advertising for Etsy!! It was fantastic!!

The segment was all about finding a job and GMA was hosting a job fair in Atlanta. Etsy apparently participated in that job fair. I was really surprised but thrilled to see the great big orange Etsy sign plastered all over national TV! A woman in Atlanta was searching for a job. While she kept getting turned down for jobs all over the place, she decided to put a couple of her own paintings on Etsy. Two of them sold within two weeks! Hooray for her! And hooray for Etsy for getting to be displayed all over the TV screens of America for a big portion of the segment!

Nothing can beat free advertising, and Etsy got a good bit of it today. Way to go Etsy!


Kathy Hardy said...

I'm sorry I missed that! Thanks for posting about it, though! Yay for Etsy!!! And, believe it or not, I have several friends that think the whole economy is going to collapse and we are going to turn into a "bartering" nation! Ummm, I don't know if I'm quite ready to trade jewelry for toilet paper yet, but maybe for some cute shoes! :D

msbelle said...

Wow Kathy, those are some grim words: "the whole economy is going to collapse". Makes me cringe to think about it! It sure does seem like it's pretty close to it when you look around at what's going on and then listen to the news and all the stuff they report. Bartering for toilet paper seems a bit scary! Maybe the economy does need to collapse. Then we could just start over from square one and do it right the next time. It will be interesting to see what happens.