Monday, January 11, 2010

Eight Years Ago...

...something happened that would
forever change my life...

Happy Mother's Day!!

...for the better.

My son was born.


Even though he came early and was
the smallest thing I'd ever seen,
he was beautiful.
He was perfect.


I had never changed a diaper before in my life.
I'd only ever held a baby once.
I had only ever had dogs and had
no clue what to do with a baby. 

How much is that doggie in the window?

But he grew. And he learned to walk. 


He learned to climb trees.
Here's looking at you kid!

He learned to blow bubbles.

blowing bubbles

He got teeth and lost teeth.
toothless grin

He conquered a bicycle. 
riding his new bike

He conquered roller blades.
getting pretty good

I was so scared I would screw everything up.

Kevin's Pikachu

But I think he's turning out just fine.

my little reader

Thank you to all my family and friends
for your help and support.
You have helped him
in becoming a little man.

Happy Birthday Sweetpea!
You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
asleep with his friends
I love you!

I just dread when it's time for a real car.
Driver's education



katja said...

Aww, that was so sweet! You are a fantastic mom, Ginger, and your boy is beautiful inside and out.

Anna-Karin Hallström said...

Awww... Ginger. As Katja said you are - truly - a wonderful mother.

Happy Birthday Kevin!! :D

beakee said...

very very sweet post! kevin is such a cutie pie. this is a wonderful pictorial :)

ebbandflo said...

Happy birthday proud momma and Kevin!

You express my sentiments exactly (and isn't it amazing that despite our ineptitude they still manage to grow, develop and mature!!?)

Monica said...

Happy Birthday!
What a sweetie're doing an awesome job :)

Alison Kelley said...

Oh wow, that brought tears to my eye, reminding me of my three growing boys. What a wonderful young man you have there. Happy Birthday Kevin, you have a wonderful mamma and it's easy to see how much she loves you.

SilverMonk said...

What a sweet and beautiful post, Ginger!

You two are such a great team,
He is a wonderful Youngman since day one and will grow into a mature, wonderful man.......

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Wan said...

Happy Birthday Kevin! :D And Ginger, you've been a great mum and I am sure you will continue to be. *hugs*

Lotta @ Silverknuten said...

Such a sweet looking kid! But of course he would be sweet with such a sweet mom! Thank you for sharing :)

Som's Studio said...

Aw...your post made me cry ...such a sweet touching post! said...

Happy Birthday, Kevin! You do your mama proud!

Anonymous said...

i think i can relate to you better than some since we both had our angels later in life.
and your love for Kevin always make me smile. i can just feel just how much you love him and he loves you.
so happy for you and Kevin!~