Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Big Snow...NOT

All week long we heard about the snow that was coming. The news stations said to get prepared for it, that we would have some for sure. As always, I said I'd believe it when I saw it. I have this theory that there's a big bubble of hot, polluted air around Charlotte that prevents any snow from reaching us. That's just my opinion. But it seems like everybody else gets snow but us.

So here's what the big snow looked like at our house.
Fun in the cold

Not really enough to measure. That was really sad too as Kevin had asked me last night before he went to bed if he could go out and play in the snow today. I told him yes, certainly he could, but not to get his hopes up because there might not be enough to play in. Turned out there really wasn't enough. You couldn't even make a snowball. It was too crunchy and hard from the freezing rain and sleet that had also fallen. He was a bit disappointed.

He couldn't even make a snowball

He became really cold, really quick! Even though he had on 2 layers, a face mask and ski goggles, waterproof boots, gloves, hat, and hood, it was only 23 degrees out there and he's just not used to that. It's just no fun.

Yay! Snow!

Oh well. There's always March. Some of our biggest snows have come in March. I remember well the blizzard of 1993. Charlotte got a TON of snow!! It was awesome! We can always hope!


And now to jewelry news....

My garnet and circle earrings hit the front page of Etsy today in a beautiful treasury!
Thank you so much to CaitlinSainio of Etsy for including me! I really appreciate it!


I hope you all have a great weekend!

Until next time....stay warm!

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