Monday, August 8, 2011

August Break #4

female ruby throated hummingbird
female ruby throated hummingbird

I just adore these tiny birds.
They're among the most fascinating creatures on the planet.

My sister has dozens of hummingbirds at her feeders.

It's thrilling to sit on her porch and watch them buzz around, dive-bombing each other like kamikaze pilots.

Sometimes one will even become curious about you if you sit very still. It will fly around you to check you out for itself, flying so close you can feel the breeze created from its wings. That's always fun!
I always look forward to going to her house so I can sit and watch these magnificent creatures.
...and of course, take pictures.

I wish you could come sit on her porch too. It's amazing!


Pat said...

So many Hummingbirds! I could watch them for hours. Great shots!

msbelle said...

They're just wonderful creatures, aren't they? I could sit for hours too. :)