Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Break #15

Aren't these the prettiest eggs you've ever seen?

colorful cage free, organic, local eggs

And they are naturally colored that way!

Organic, cage free, locally grown eggs

I don't remember what breed of chicken laid these pretty eggs,
but they were some of the yummiest, prettiest eggs I've ever had.

You can't get any better than true cage free,
yard roaming, bug eating chickens to lay
the best organic eggs! 

organic, cage free eggs

Go organic. You'll be glad you did!

and speaking of food...

My mother had a cookbook that included some
really 'wild' recipes to say the least!

for example...

Baked Coon recipe
I think we all need to know how to cook raccoon, don't you?

And if you've ever wondered how to prepare that possum,
look no further....
Wondering how to cook that possum?

Aren't these a hoot?
I guess way back when people needed to
know these kinds of things.
And for today's survivalists, these would come in handy!


ShinyAdornments said...

Wow.. and I thought eating squirrel as a kid was pretty wild. Possum? Talk about organic.


ShinyAdornments Handmade Jewelry

msbelle said...

LOL! You've got one up on me Kristy! I've never had squirrel but know a lot of people who have had it. Looks like next year --the dreaded 2012-- we will all wish we had recipes like this!! ;)

beakee said...

The eggs really beautiful, I've never seen natural hen eggs looking like those. The raccoon and possum recipes cracked me up :D

msbelle said...

I'd never seen them that color either! They tasted as good as they looked. And if you have these for Easter, you don't even have to color them! ;)

There were several more recipes in her cookbook like these, but I thought these were the best! (not that I would know that from experience of course)