Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Fond Memory

One of my favorite memories from childhood is of my grandmother's drinking bird. It sat in the window, bobbing up and down 'drinking' water. It was absolutely mesmerizing.

I found my own drinking bird this past summer at the Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, NC. Now it happily bobs up and down in my kitchen window and hopefully my son will remember ours as fondly as I remember my grandmother's.

What fun memory do you have from your childhood?


ebbandflo said...

this is so funny (oh and hi, how was your summer? nice to see you again!) - mr ebb and i were just talking about the bobbing birds we had in our childhood!
coincidences :)

msbelle said...

Hey there!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Aren't these little doo-dads just the funniest things? I've heard lots of people all over the globe that remember these from their childhood. I had no idea they were so popular. It just makes me smile that the whole world knows of these things. :)

Robin said...

Hi Ginger...Nice to meet you..I remember this cute fellow...Thanks for following me too...Im adding you to my reader friends..!

msbelle said...

Very nice meeting you too Robin! And thank you for stopping by!