Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dessert Date with My Son

Now that school is out, the boy and I have time during the day to do some things we couldn't normally do during school hours. So we had a dessert date. :)

The boy and I took a little trip up to NoDa (North Davidson Street) the other day to Amelie's French Bakery and Cafe. (I must admit, we did not originally go to have dessert, but to take a ripped pair of the boy's shorts to a friend so she could repair them. She just happens to work there and is a member of the Charlotte crafting group, Crown Town Handmade, which I once belonged to as well.) Anyway, regardless of how we ended up at Amelie's, I'm so very glad we went!
at Amelie's French Bakery
Amelie's opened in Charlotte in 2008, and even though I'd always heard about it and how good it was, I had never been. It's a little out of the way for me to go to that part of town, so I just had never bothered making the trip. However, after this experience, I think we'll be going back!
atmosphere is terrific!
The atmosphere was so much fun and everything looked so scrumptious! I let the boy pick whatever he wanted to make it sort of a special trip. I didn't want to just walk in, hand the shorts to my friend and then walk right back out without ever having tasted anything! After much debate, he chose to indulge in a piece of raspberry chocolate torte (which was absolutely decadent, I might add!).
Raspberry Chocolate Torte 
Yes, I know it's not organic, but it IS local, and it doesn't come with all those yucky chemical preservatives like are in Oreos or Chips Ahoy, potato chips, or even a Hershey bar. And in addition to not having all the yucky chemical preservatives, we are supporting the local economy instead of buying a pack of Pepperidge Farms cookies or some gross honey buns at WalMart (which I absolutely detest and will not go to if at all possible). There's a huge difference!

He also tried their caramel latte since he likes the caramel macchiato at Starbuck's (the boy likes coffee). It was a bit on the strong side so he gave it to me and got something else. I liked it a lot.
cooling it off
Amelie's French Bakery
Amelie's French Bakery
very cool chandelier inside Amelie's
stainless steel chandelier at Amelie's French Bakery
at Amelie's French Bakery
a little sparrow watching us through the window
little sparrow watching us through the window

If you live in Charlotte, or just come here to visit, 
Amelie's is a treat you should definitely try...often!

I know we will be going back, that's for sure!
almost gone....
It was totally delicious!
view of uptown from Amelie's


Yazmin said...

It does look like it was delicious! Makes me want to go find a little coffee shop locally and have my own treat with Fi.

msbelle said...
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msbelle said...

Hi Yazmin!! So great to see you here! I'm such a terrible blogger, but I'm so happy when someone stops by!

I think you and Fi should definitely make a date!! This was so much fun for me and the boy. We're looking forward to next Thursday when we're going back. It's just a special time, just between us. :)