Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Heat is On

Looks like we're in for a little taste of Hell in the upcoming days.
And I'm so not looking forward to it. It's bad enough that we are already in a drought. This will make the cracks in our yard
grow exponentially bigger.
Even the drought tolerant purple coneflower
is caving in to the lack of water.
Very thirsty coneflower
Poor thing's petals are shriveling up. :(

But at least I got a few pictures in before
the drought began taking its toll.
a summer day in the coneflower
ant on echinacea
another day on the coneflower

One day last week we had tolerable heat day; a beautiful, breezy day with some gorgeous puffy white cumulus clouds.
As the boy and I were getting into the car to go to the park,
I happened to look up and saw this....
The most gorgeous sunbeams I've seen in a very long time.
sun rays
And for once I had my camera in my hand!
sun rays
I was so thankful that I did!
sun rays

While the hydrangeas were still doing well,

I got some nice shots of them.
pastel tie-dyed hydrangea
This was before the drought had really kicked in.
Now they are drying up just like everything else.

...except for these Star Gazer lilies.
DSC_5613 ~ SOOC

And they are always gorgeous!
Star Gazer lily
I just love these flowers. 


 Wherever you are, I hope you stay cool!
Until next time....


ShinyAdornments said...

Your flower photos are always so gorgeous, but the heat, ugh!

It is 105 F here today. I saw a cartoon in the FB feed this mornig that asked who turned the thermostat up to HE**.




Gemheaven said...

and we in the UK aren't having a summer at all ~ but I'm really not sure whats worse ~ heat is a killer and at least wearing suitable footwear and a coat does sort out the problem of rain ~ shame we can't swap a bit ;) I love your photographs Ginger ~ thanks for sharing x