Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Barney, the Rescue Dachshund

Meet Barney, my beloved rescue dachshund. He's such a wonderful friend. He's my shadow really, and doesn't let me out of his sight. Guess he's afraid he'll miss something. When I'm on the computer he sits right under the desk at my feet. He's always nearby and loves to snuggle next to me when I sit on the couch. Sometimes we fall asleep there. He's a good foot warmer!

As far as dachshunds go he's very sweet. Dachshunds can sometimes have an attitude but not Barney. I had two mini doxie girls who both died in March of 2005. One of them was sweet to me and close family but not to everyone else. The other one didn't know a stranger. Barney is like she was...sweet to everyone. And he gets along great with my son who is 5 and is not always gentle although he's getting better. But Barney tolerates Kevin and gives him lots of kisses! I'm so glad I found Barney. What a wonderful soul he is. I am privileged to be his human. He never asks for much. A good belly scratch and a treat, and somebody to play with him and his tennis ball. Boy, don't get between him and it. You'll lose. He brings it, but he won't give it. He's funny. Here are two pictures of him with his precious ball.

Barney is beautiful. Inside and out. I hope he lives a long life with me as my other two dachshunds did. I look forward to many years of happiness together. There's nothing like being in a bad mood and seeing his sweet face. He's never in a bad mood. He's always ready for a treat or to play, no matter what mood I'm in. He always brings a smile to my face and I think that's why he's here. Thank you, Barney. And thanks to the Southern States Dachshund Rescue group where I found him.

I have added some dachshund related links so please be sure to check them out. And if you can find it in your heart to rescue an animal, please do. They are so grateful and give you the kindest thanks. So many dogs as well as other animals need our help. Rescuing Barney was the best thing I did to honor the memory of my two beloved minis. They await me at the Rainbow Bridge and perhaps they are the ones who guided me to Barney.

Until next time....

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