Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My First Treasury List ~ Wish for Spring

I got one! And I made it colorful, like spring.

Etsy has something called Treasury lists. That's where Etsy users and sellers can make a list of some of their picks to be displayed as a group and there is always the possibility that it will appear on the front page. At any one time there are 100-150 lists. Tonight there were 150. The treasury had been down for at least a day or so. Tonight I just happened to be in the forum when Jared, of Admin, announced that it was back up and running (it had been meditating since he lost all the treasury data by accident!). So I grabbed one and up there is what it looks like. I love the artists on Etsy. They are so talented. If you haven't browsed Etsy for a while, you need to!

Until next time....


Elizabeth Ruffing said...

Thank you so much, Ginger! It's my first Treasury List on Etsy too! What a nice surprise!

Anonymous said...
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