Monday, February 26, 2007

Let It Rain

It rained today. Finally. Part of the time it poured the rain. This is a good thing. Parts of the state are in a fire watch so it is sorely needed. But for the past few days it's been so much like spring. I heard the peep frogs again tonight as I let Barney out. That's not supposed to happen now. It's still February! We're gonna get dumped on with snow, you wait. If we don't get it, the mountains will. I took some pictures of Kevin having a good time climbing on the rock while we were outside the other day. See him up there?! He loves our boulder. So do I. I used to let him crawl around on it before he learned to walk. I held on to his tiny fingers and let him sprawl out all over it. It's so huge. He has so much fun. He pretends up there and writes on it with his sidewalk chalk. He collects rocks and puts them in a pile on and calls it his treasures. He's so cute and has such an imagination.

The boulder is also the place where I take the pics of my jewelry. Hopefully that will change soon as I am looking into buying a light tent. I'm not feeling industrious enough to make my own and I want one that can travel easily. So I'm looking into them online and lights as well. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'm hoping that better pictures will equal more sales. I don't know. It can't hurt. By the way, here are pictures of my latest sales:

I love all three pairs of these earrings. They were all fun to make, especially the bottom ones. I love hammering.

Well, I guess I better hit the sack. Tomorrow I will try to figure out what the heck is going on with DaWanda. Can't get it to display my item correctly in German! Having major translation problems period. I posted a thread about it on the forum and hope admin will address it soon. They should be getting to work about now. Good morning Germany!

Until next time....

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