Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Enchanted Earrings

I created these today with some items that I ordered last week and I was thrilled how they turned out. After I finished them, I stood back and looked at them and felt enchanted by them. So that's what I called them.

They are made up of amazonite faceted 6mm rounds, beautiful etched brass dangles, and lovely medium sized kidney earwires in goldfill. I like the ear wires a lot. They're not the tiny kidney earwires you're used to seeing. These have a noticeable presence on the ear. After I listed them I had 28 views in the first 15 minutes, the most I've ever had so soon after listing something. And I listed after midnight east coast time! I'm going to make some more of these little beauties.

While using my brand new light tent for only the second time, one of my two light bulbs BLEW! Brand new, only been used once and it blew! Boy was I mad! I don't want to have to buy a brand new bulb, they're expensive. I want the seller to replace it seeing as how I have had it less than a week and only used it once! Actually this is the first time that particular bulb has been used because that light tripod was missing a screw and I had to wait to use it until I got one to put back in it. That's another thing that upset me about it. Brand new out of the box and it's missing a screw for the light tripod. They better replace it. Those bulbs are supposed to last a very long time and this one lasted less than 15 minutes!? He'll get bad word-of-mouth if he doesn't do right by me.

Kevin and I went to visit my sister in Raleigh this past weekend to get outfits for my nephew's wedding in April. We rode with my other sister, and my mom and another sister met us there. The killer aunts were together again! Kevin had a really good time in the malls. He said, "wow, this is a big mall" and "look how hight the ceiling is." He was just in awe of the buildings we were in. It was fun seeing his reaction to the places. While there we ate at The Cheesecake Factory and I ordered a chicken salad sandwich and Kevin got chicken strips. Well, I had enough food to feed a third world country and so did Kevin. I've never seen portions this big in my life. I couldn't believe it. All the food was really good. But the best was dessert. The cheesecake was to die for. Kevin and I ate a whole piece just ourselves! I can't wait to go back!

While visiting in Raleigh, one of my sister's bought some of my jewelry. I was thrilled. (Thank you Gail! I hope you like it.) She bought my best stuff too! My shop is now bare, so I have to get on the ball and start making new things to fill my shop again. Here is a picture of one of my favorite pieces that she bought:

Well, it's getting late. I just wanted to write a bit before I hit the sack. I still can't get over the response to the brass earrings. I'm just thrilled. I hope someone buys them and not just looks at them!

Until next time....

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Steph said...

Ginger, I love the "enchanted" earrings. Your blog looks really great!