Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Etsy Mentioned on HGTV Blog

That explains the recent slowdown. Tough to do anything when its crawling at a snail's pace. Good for Etsy, but how could it be good for either buyers or sellers if no one can navigate quickly enough? I, for one, get very frustrated as both buyer and seller on a site that is perpetually slow. I usually move on and make a mental note not to return to that site because its slow. Will this be the case for Etsy? Why don't they do something to speed things up and handle the load?

If just a mention in a blog like HGTV's get this kind of traffic and results in a noticeable slowdown, imagine what would happen if Etsy did some REAL advertising to the masses!! It would bring it to its knees and crash the entire system. I have often wished that Etsy would do some real advertising. Not everyone who buys quality handmade goods is on MySpace or DeviantArt or places like these with younger demographics. Some people actually do watch HGTV and DIY for crafting ideas as well shows like Beads, Baubles and Jewels which is on PBS. And some of those people may have deeper pockets than the younger demographics that Etsy seems to be targeting. What if Etsy advertised even just a one sentence ad on someplace like this? I shudder at the thought of what the servers would do.

I wish that Etsy would do some advertising in publications or on shows such as those I mentioned, and to an older demographic. IMO, it could only do good for everyone.


Steph said...

I agree. It is never good when traveling around the site is frustrating and slow. If I were a buyer, I would not slog through.

I wanted to pop in and say "thanks" for adding a link to my blog. You are the first person to link to me! Woohoo!

LooseWireStudio said...

Wow. I didn't know about the HGTV mention until I read it here.

Thank you also for adding a link to my blog. Very generous of you. :-)

Tracey said...

Hi there!
Am enjoying your blog and your jewelry. Having been introduced to Etsy just a few months ago - I would like to promote it on my blog. Do you have any suggestions on where to find a logo or something I can put up for a picture and a link? I like what you have - for the showcase . . .