Monday, March 26, 2007

New Life for an Old Item

Visage, originally uploaded by msbellee.

So today I decided I was not going to put it off any longer. I have to begin shooting new pictures of all my old items so that they might have more appeal to the masses. Here is the first one. I thought it turned out rather well, but that's just me.

One down, about 15 to go!


Pick Up Your Toys, Kevin!!

Didn't do much today other than wash some clothes and fold them. Put away Kevin's bicycle out of the middle of the living room floor for the umpteenth time. I am trying to train him to put his things away. It's NOT happening! Any suggestions? I've tried making a game out of it. "See how fast you can put your toys away. Ready, Set, Go!" That only works part of the time. He likes to pretend he's riding a motorcycle or that he's in his 'spy car', and he goes sailing from the kitchen through the living room, back through our tiny hall where he proceeds to stop just before crashing into the wall! (We have a very tiny house. Only about 1100 square feet. We outgrew it about 5 years ago!!!) I finally told him that if he didn't put his things away, the next time I had to do it I was putting them in the trash. He picked them up!


Today I was rudely informed that a wasp nest was under construction right above the front door. One came in the door today as I was going out to get the mail. Kevin screamed, "IT'S INSIDE, MOMMY!" I heard that scream all the out to the mailbox. So I hurried back in only to find that the wasp had planted itself on the glass of the front door and was trying to get out. So I just opened up the door to let it out. Well, he flew off, then turned around and headed right back for the door. I looked up to where he had flown and there it was: a wasp nest was being built right above the door in the corner of the alcove. As much as I hated to do it I had to get rid of it. I know wasps don't mean to be a bother but you just can't have them above your entryway. I knocked down the nest and went to take cover! It didn't do much good. They just went right back to building it. So I broke down and got the wasp and hornet killer. Poor things. They didn't stand a chance. I almost cried. But what was I supposed to do? (Wish that was all you had to do to get rid of fire ants, just spray 'em. That ain't happenin'!)

Well, I'm off to continue the tedious task of reshooting all my jewlery. Maybe this will pay off and something old will sell.

Until next time....

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