Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here Comes Summer

You may be wondering where I've been. A lot has been going on to keep me on my toes. Kindergarten is just about to end for Kevin next Tuesday, June 10th. On Monday, the 9th, he has his 'stepping up' ceremony in which he has a couple of lines to say and sings three songs with the rest of his class. The ceremony will graduate the class to go on to first grade. (I've already cried about it!) He's getting excited about summer vacation. It's starting to get really hot here which is dreadfully depressing. Aside from that, I've been making oodles of custom orders for several people and that by itself is keeping me busy (which is a good thing!). I recently created this beautiful necklace which has now gone to a very special customer.

custom order

Upon doing a search this morning for my Flickr ID, "msbellee", I found this blog post at the Evie S., Things of Beauty blog that featured a picture of a pair of my earrings. I was quite flattered. (Thank you!) And coincidentally, just yesterday I relisted a filigree wood necklace and earrings in my Etsy shop. I began making these last year and they became fairly popular. So I thought since I still had supplies to make them, I might as well put them back in the shop and see how they did.

Custom Order

I'm offering the necklace with the length to be chosen by the customer (up to 18 inches). So if it needed to be shorter or longer, I can customize the length as requested. An extender is also available.

I've always loved this set. Even though they are not being sold as a set, they look really terrific together. The metal is oxidized sterling silver in a dark patina. Accented with dusty pink potato pearls, the contrast is very nice to the darkness of the wood and metal. These are some of my all time favorite pieces, and I'm delighted I decided to put them back in the shop.


We spent the Memorial Day weekend at my mother's in Ashe County where it was wonderfully spring-like and around 75 degrees. That's a far cry from the 97 degrees we are supposed to hit here today. It's like an oven out there. :(

While in the mountains, I took some terrific photos of my mother's beautiful irises and other flowers, as well as my sister's lupines and the hummingbirds that visit her feeders.




common yarrow (achillea millefolium)

Hummingbird mosaic

Of course, we took some wheeled things for Kevin.

riding his bike

Creeper Trail Park in Lansing

He jumped for hours in his bounce house! (one of the best investments you'll ever make is in a bounce house!)

the ultimate in jumping fun!

It always wears me out to watch him do that!

It was great being back in the mountains and I can't wait to go back after school's out.

I have a ton more pictures of flowers to add to Flickr. I'll get to that in time. I have a lot on my plate right now and I just have to take them one at a time and make lists or I'll forget. Even when I do make a list, sometimes I forget where the list is! (That's happening more and more I've noticed.) Besides being a total space case at times, the heat makes me want to do nothing at all except sit in front of the air conditioning. It literally zaps my energy completely. And the A/C is broken in my Jeep and has been since last summer. It's about to kill me and Kevin (not to mention Barney when he rides too).

Well, I thought I would just pop in and update my blog to let everyone know I'm still here, just busy. I hope everyone is doing well and that it's cool where you are!! It's stifling hot here. I'd love for some rain to cool things off.

Until next time...


beakee said...

Hey Ginger! I love those bird shots :) And guess what, I am in Australia at the moment where wniter has just begun :P Cool weather! I totally understand about the heat making you not want to do anything. Do you have humidity as well? That's what it's like in Singapore all year round. Exciting :)

Beadiful Things said...

Man -- I wish we had room in our "yard" (we live in a townhouse) for a bouncy house!

SilverMonk Design said...

I really love all your flower shots, they are just beautiful! Time went so fast and now Kevin is almost finish his Kindy, well done !

The good things about summer is there is no Flu.....