Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stepping Up and More

This week my baby "stepped up" from kindergarten to first grade. Talk about emotional. Oh, I know it's just kindergarten, but you have to know me to understand. I cry at the drop of a hat. This was a pretty big hat for me so even before it happened I cried just thinking about it! That's just me.

His ceremony took place on Monday and the last day of school was Tuesday. It was a cute ceremony with a processional, singing, stories by the teachers and then ending with handing out of diplomas as each child got to step up on a podium and shake hands with the teacher. I was so emotional during her story about what it's like to be a kindergarten teacher that my face was wet with tears when she'd finished. It didn't help that she was emotional too!

Kevin was so proud of himself as were we. He held his head up high and had such a good time during the ceremony. When he received his diploma he turned, faced the audience of parents and waved and smiled to everyone while still on the top step of the podium! He was a little man. And I was just in tears!

I'm so proud of him. He's becoming such a little man. He's excited to be going into first grade as am I. He'll learn so much more and the world will become even more fascinating for him. But when that first day of school rolls around, you can bet I'll be in tears once more!


I did get some work done this week even though I've had Kevin back at home all day long again. I'm still busy making custom orders (which is a good thing) and have not yet caught up on them. My shop has slowed down tremendously as summer has been closing in. Sales are extremely slow and all I have done is concentrate on the custom orders I have lined up. If it wasn't for them I'd hardly be selling anything. Here's a bit of what I've been doing.

Swarovski crystal necklace

Pink freshwater pearl necklace

Yellow cat's eye necklace and earrings

Pink cat's eye necklace and earrings

Long (30") beaded necklace - strung

And I do have just a couple of new things in the shop.

Smokey quartz twisted spiral briolette earrings

White stick pearl earrings (an older design I've brought back)

Filigree wood and green pearl earrings - goldfill

And a few that are yet to come.

Light pink amethyst briolettes full pointed rice shaped

Green amethyst petite briolettes

Aqua chalcedony and filigree

I will eventually get these listed in my shop. And I have so many pieces that I want to make, but finding the energy and time to do so is another thing. I'm battling my knee right now. The osteoarthristis in it has flared up since getting rammed in the knee by a certain boy's bicycle. It was an accident. He didn't put on the brakes in time. It hurts quite a bit even though I sit on the couch alternating between ice and heat on my knee about every 2 hours or so. Then I'll think it's all right only to find out it's still swollen and hurts. Ah well. Getting old...and feeling older. Not fun.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and a great week ahead.

Until next time....


ebbandflo said...

congratulations to kevin (and you of course) for graduating!

i'm about a year behind you and your wee guy but was also in tears at a school event this week. i watched my wee guy stride off down the corridor wit his classmates on his way to a kindergarten visit (he starts this september). everytime i see him strike out on his own i remember the first time i watched him working something out by himself - he was 3 days old and battling it out in the special care nursery, hooked up to monitors and heavily sedated to stop his seizures. apart from the drugs, expert nursing, it really was all down to him to get thru it.
i wonder if i will always have this image in mind whenever i see him push past another milestone - i guess it will always be there!

so i guess it's tears all the way for you and me both!

SilverMonk Design said...

I am so proud of you both! Kindergarten is such a big step, they were on there own and made friends, all without Mum watching over their shoulders!

Congratulation again Kevin!

mdk jewelry designs said...

just read ebbandflo's comment.

have to go get a box of tissues for my desk.

Cindie said...

What a sweet post! I think I can hardly remember my son graduating from kindergarten...that has been some 12 years ago... but it is more a tribute to "my how time flies"

Soon enough it will be time for my little granddaughter to start school - only 17 months now - but time will fly and I will be crying at her kindergarten graduation...

Muah! said...

Hurray for the Kev!
Big man at the home front!

Sorry about your knee, Ms. Belle. I hope that gets better right now!!!

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

I'm getting misty reading about your mistiness!! Congrats to Kevin, and big hug to you. I remember getting to have an ice cream bar when I graduated from kindergarten. We were pretty poor, so that was better than a 5-course meal to me -- quite the treat! And I won't -- ahem -- mention how freaking long ago that was. lol