Thursday, June 26, 2008

Luxe HBW!

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Happy Bokeh Wednesday (a day late)!

This is a sneak peek of a necklace I just finished but haven't yet finished the pics for. I thought I'd use this one for the Bokeh Wednesday Flickr group. It's my 'luxe' version of bokeh!

I'm so very picky about my photos. Since my Canon didn't do the color of the stone much good I went back to the old faithful Olympus for this necklace. It's only 3.2 megapixels but I really like the way it captured the color. It's absolutely right on target for the stone (as far as my monitor goes anyway). Although there is a slight cast coming from outside the window that makes the pearls appear ivory instead of white. Other than that, I think the pictures turned out very nicely. I'll add just one more to let you see a bit more.

I'll give full details and more pics very soon, I promise. For now, I'm late getting to bed and just had to write about this before I forgot.


I also made another necklace that you can find here. It consists of AAA labradorite beads in a bicone shape for the ultimate in sparkle and flash. It's a double strand necklace and I'm in love with it!

Labradorite bicone 2-strand necklace

Labradorite bicone 2-strand necklace

Happy Bokeh Wednesday everyone! (even though it is a day late!)

Until next time....


Cindie said...

Bicone labradorite - - gorgeous! Love the double strand!

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