Friday, July 11, 2008

Customer Appreciation Photo and Rain

I was thrilled to find an email this morning from the lovely customer who purchased my keishi pearl and blue-green amethyst necklace. She sent me a picture of herself wearing the necklace along with a beautiful pair of earrings from Jasmin (beakee on Etsy).

Thank you so much for sending me this picture. It really made my day and I was so pleased to see it on you. It goes so beautifully with Jasmin's earrings!

Since arriving in the mountains, it has rained almost every single day. Besides that, I was sick for the first week and am still sniffling and coughing. It's been sort of difficult to have any fun so far. Even though we need the rain due to the drought, it makes for boring days when Kevin can't go outside. So yesterday I let him go outside in the rain anyway. I mean, why not? It's just water. Here's a little video of him out in the rain.

One evening we took Kevin's new bike up the Jones road. He rode it up as far as he could and then walked it the rest of the way. Since it is a gentle slope it was really fun for him to ride it back down the road. If I can ever get the video to work I'll put it here. For now, you can see it here.

The 4th of July fireworks were really cool. We sat in a parking lot along with many other people and watched them from a distance. I got some pretty good pics of them. You can find them here. You can also see some of the other pics I have been taking here.

I took the 'long way home' from the grocery store one day and took some pics of the countryside. This is one of the most beautiful places I know of. It's so dear to me. Each time I come home I'm painfully aware of how much I miss it.

view of the Phoenix

Sunset in the mtns.


I'll have more pics to come. Hopefully we'll find something to do.

Until next time....


Rajesh said...

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My PM- said...

Gorgeous custom work, I love the 'bunches' of sparkle!
I'm very glad to hear you have been in the mountains, I hope Kev dude is enjoying his summer. said...

Pinky wanted to tell Kevin that she almost got the froggie rain boots like that, but she got the kitten ones instead.
(boy, I would love to hear them talk to each other!)

knitsteel said...

that piece is so glamorous. I'm so happy you could post a picture of it on your client.