Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On the Road Again

Well, I'm off for the mountains today. It's that time of year when Kevin and I head for the hills to stay with Granny for a while. :) I'll be so glad to see her and get out of Charlotte. And wouldn't you know that I can feel myself getting sick. Sinuses.... :(

I made these earrings a couple of days ago. Yummy, delectable AAA lilac pink amethyst. I just adore them! They're cushion cut rectangles, puffy and thick with beautiful faceting that makes them just glitter. The clarity is pretty amazing too. I've hoarded these stones for a while and finally decided to use them. There will be a necklace to match but it is not quite finished yet. Can't decide whether or not to sell them as a set or separately. Sets don't usually do well for me, but these are so gorgeous and pretty unique from what I can find, I'd hate to see them go to two different places, you know what I mean? What would you do?

The photos of the earrings are challenging me (what else is new?). I'm not totally satisfied with their color (what else is new??). This is basically a sneak peek to get your opinions on selling them as a set. As soon as I finish everything I'll be posting about them with all the details and pics though. (I just had to show off the stones! ;) )

The next time I see you I'll be in the beautiful High Country of North Carolina, in the mountains of Ashe County!!

I hope everyone has a great day!

Until next time....
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beakee said...

Hey Ginger, don't forget to take lots and lots of photos! I love mountain country, you lucky lucky thing :D Also, I have to congratulate you again on those earrings... those gems are superb! I know what you mean about wanting the necklace and earrings to stay together. But I think they are so lovely they could hold their own very well. I've never had success with sets either. Happy holidays and come back soon!!

Allison said...

Have fun in the high country! All that clean mountain air will hopefully make you feel better. Wave to my Dad! And me! I'll be up there in good old Ashe County on Friday for my Dad's Cookout.
p.s. I think those earrings are lovely!

msbelle said...

Thanks Jasmin! I appreciate the input on the set. I figured it was just one of those things where they'll end up going to different places. It's funny though that when I do that, one of the buyers always comes back and says "do you have earrings to match?" or "can you make a necklace to go with my earrings?" Never fails. And don't you worry. I'm taking both cameras and intend on driving around to get some shots of the place (yes, even with the price of gas like it is). I've been wanting to do that for years and am determined to go ahead and do it before gas goes any higher!

Allison, I don't recall exactly, but does your dad live up Horse Creek or Helton? I know he's the postmaster and he for sure knows my mom! (It's such a small place!) I still can't get over that we found each other on Flickr! We'll be at Ashe Co. Park for the fireworks! You take lots of pictures too! And tell your dad hello! :)

Yazmin said...

Ginger I hope you have a fantastic time! I get the same longings to visit the country in Puerto Rico myself...

Amanda said...

Hey Ginger! Have fun in High Country, you lucky lady!!!
Looking forward to hearing how your weekend went. Hope you have a good one!

I absolutely love those earrings. And like Beakee said, I think that they could be sold separately as they're bold and can totally be the focal by themselves. Sure, the matching set is nice, but the earrings are able to hold their own and can be worn by themselves. I think it's nice when two amazing pieces go to different places.

Great job on yet another fabulous creation.

Cindie said...

That pink amethyst is TO DIE for... oooo I love it. Sets don't do so well for me either - except bracelet and earring sets. They seem to move for me. I have done necklace and earrings, but always seem to have to break them up. It breaks my heart to do it - but the recipients all are happy ~ and in the end that is what we are after isn't it?

Have fun in the mountains!

SilverMonk Design said...

Take lots of photos and have lots of fun in the Mts. I love Mts!

I think the photo is fantastic, i love the depth of field and the lighting from the top right hand corner to the bottom LH corner.

Break it up, that's all i have to say.... spread the love!


lola said...

Hello, those earrings are really lovely! Perhaps you can put a price to each piece and then make a discount if someone wants the set.
Have a nice holidays.