Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello from the High Country

peek-a-boo, originally uploaded by msbellee.

Hi all! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. We've been busy here in the high country. Most days are spent outside playing. I've taken a ton of pictures and will add some here when I get more time. Please feel free to visit my set here on Flickr where you can see butterflies, hummingbirds, mountains, etc.

I had to post that funny little butterfly. I thought it looked like an alien. It was on the butterfly bush at my sister's house. It was just loaded with butterflies and smelled sooooo good! I had a blast following butterflies all over the bush. They didn't even seem to care that I was taking their picture. They were too busy drinking up the nectar to pay attention to me!

butterfly on the butterfly bush

Well, that's it. Just a quick hello to let you know we're here and having fun! I hope summer is going well for all of you too!

Until next time....


ebbandflo said...

what awesome photographs! thanks for sharing them.
and have a great holiday. we're just starting bike camp and next week is swimming camp so we're busy here in BC!

abowlofbeads said...

Woah, I'v never looked at butterflies this close! Cool pics. Glad to hear you're having a wonderful time. Say hello to Kevin!

SilverMonk Design said...

We really enjoy your photos from the Mts. Thanks for sharing and have fun!

mdk jewelry designs said...

i really think your photography is awesome and this is one of the reasons why.

great shot.

he does look like an alien bug.

how cool.