Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Heat Is On....

Just popped in to say hello to everyone! I hope everyone is having a great summer.

The heat is about to get to us all here. This morning it was like walking out into a sauna (it's not the heat, but the humidity; but it's hot as it can be too!). Fall is just around the corner and we will be wishing for warmer weather before you know it. Change is inevitable. Sometimes welcome, sometimes not. I look forward to the cool weather change.


We've been having fun here in the mountains at Granny's. Going outside to play with the kitten who came to stay is now a favorite thing to do. Kevin will miss him when we go back home.

The kitty is growing up fast (as is Kevin). 'Tigger' now has a little belly on him that's really cute, but he's getting taller and longer now so his kitten belly will soon be gone. He follows Kevin around like a little puppy. It's really funny. He will even get his feet wet when Kevin fills up his wheelbarrow to play in it. I thought that was strange for a cat. Of course, this kitten will also pounce on anything that moves...feet especially. You have to be careful when you walk that you don't trip on him! He's a funny cat.


I've discovered that trying to get a child ready to go to kindergarten for the first time is the easy part. Trying to get myself ready for the big day is quite another story. More on this later when I have more time....


After much thought, I still cannot decide which picture to use for a new avatar. And I'm leaning more toward staying with what I've got (I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that Stephanie!). For now (or until I have more time to ponder this matter) I'm staying with what I already have.

Thank you for all your opinions and input. I appreciate it. I may end up going with the green onyx brios later on down the road, but for now you'll still be able to recognize me with the white dancing pearls and blue topaz avatar.

(Stephanie, I agree. Change is hard. I think I just like my avatar the way it is! :) )

2 comments: said...

He is growing up!
I can see the difference in the pictures you have taken!

Make sure you go by my blog soon, I've written something dedicated to you and what you are experiencing.

msbelle said...

Oh, Shannon, that was so very sweet. I just cried and cried. I'm still crying. I think I'll be crying for at least the next 13 years! You're one in a million. I feel blessed to know you.