Saturday, January 19, 2008

Custom Requests, Bracelets and a Winner!

I created the coolest pair of earrings yesterday for a dear customer of mine who just happens to be an Etsy seller herself. They are checkerboard cushion cut apatite on heavily oxidized elongated kidney earwires. I loved the way they turned out, so much so that I gave the customer the option of not taking them if she wasn't happy with how they turned out (I really wanted to keep them!). She was very happy with them so they are going to their new home shortly. (I'm going to have to make a pair for myself!!!)

Custom order apatite on heavily oxidized long kidney earwires

Some people don't take custom requests. I'm not sure why. Perhaps they feel like it's more of a hassle than they want to deal with, but I like to do them. It's another way to get your creative juices flowing. Perhaps the customer wants something that you would never have thought of. Hooray for that! I seem to get stuck in a rut when it comes to designing. I need to branch out a little bit and custom requests can often create spark an idea that comes to fruition later on in another design.

I also listed a rhodonite bracelet and matching earrings yesterday. They're not being sold as a set though. I have trouble selling sets for some reason.

Rhodonite bracelet and earrings, oxidized sterling silver

I like bracelets. I used to wear them all the time (until a certain baby would pull them off). I need to do more of them, they're so fun. I'm just not sure what size to make them. My wrist is 7 inches so I can wear anything from 7 1/2-8 inch bracelets.

Below is a labradorite bracelet I created that is 8 inches long, but will only fit up to a 7 inch wrist comfortably due to the size of the beads take up a lot of room in the fit.

Faceted labradorite nugget bracelet

Faceted labradorite nugget bracelet

It's always hard getting good pictures of labradorite. But each bead above has its own personality and unique flash. I just couldn't capture it very well. Of course, the flashiest bead is top dead center!

I have made another one of these necklaces. I adore this. I found some more nice stones like this so I can create more now ('cuz I wanted one too!).

Amethyst baguette solitaire necklace

The first one sold the other day (yay!), but I have more stones to make a few more of those. I'm listing them so the customer can choose their own length. It secures with my own handforged and hammered hook and eye clasp. (I also intend to do this in as many large solitaire stones as I can affordably get my hands on!)

Here's a peek at another pair of earrings I fell in love with after they were finished. They are now for sale in my shop. I think they look sort of Victorian and old worldly.

Checkerboard faceted cushion cut AAA garnet & sterling silver filigree link earrings - oxidized


Well, they say it's supposed to snow today. HA! I'll believe it when I see it. I wish Kevin could play in some real snow, this time more than slush, but it may not start snowing until too late for him to get to play in it. Right now it's raining, making for a very gloomy day. If this was snow it would be pretty outside already. But it's just rain.

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Thank you to SandAndSkyCreations for participating in the Treasure Hunt! She chose these earrings as her prize from MsBelle!

silvery gray coin pearl earrings oxidized II

The Treasure Hunt lasts until midnight! Go check it out and you might win some prizes too!!

Until later, have a great weekend!!


Gemheaven said...

I could look at your jewellery all day - its gorgeous!!

I do commissions like you it helps me to think outside my box;0)


Wan said...

Hello Ginger,

That solitaire necklace and garnet earrings are gorgeous! I have to agree those earrings have a Victorian look. :)

About making braclets, I had been wondering about the sizes as well. It seemed like 7 inches is the standard length to make. I'm still in preparation for my shop, so I can't confirm this with any sales. LOL.

Anw, take care! :)

wan* (from flickr)

knitsteel said...

I do commissions, but for the work that goes into them, I'm making them a minimum dollar amount. The minimum depends on what it's for- jewelry, railing, home decor.... Some of the big item commissions can get mighty stressful.

knitsteel said...

Your jewelry is gorgeous. I love the glam and quality.

SilverMonk Design said...

I do commissions as well, but i can't made something according to instructions, the end result always a bit different from when i started out.

Your jewelry is fantastic, especially the colour combination lately and the craftsmanship! I know you are a bit struggle with the camera, but your hard work had payoff and the photo looks gorgeous!

Julie said...

Wow! Beautiful! You know I love oxidized jewelry and the combination of the oxidized silver and blue stone is gorgeous.

I like your idea of listing your sold items so much that I'm going to do that today. I'm blog challenged so all ideas help :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for showing off my lovely apatites Ginger!!!! I LOVE THEM!

Don't forget to read the convo I just sent you in Etsy!! LOL!