Monday, June 15, 2009


My local bead shop, Beadlush, had a very welcome visitor over the weekend. His name is Arun Shah of Bollywood Beads and he brought all his goodies for a trunk show! It was great to see him, and delightful to see his pretty beads!

There were all shapes and sizes, colors and cuts.

Loads of rondelles

Huge briolettes

and these massive onions!

Never seen any that big before

Kevin even had a great time

He loves to look at all the beads.

You can see all the pictures I took in a set I created on Flickr. There were more beads than I could get pictures of!

These found a new home
some of my goodies
with yours truly!

Oh, one of the best parts...the Mimosas.
I only drank one but it was yummy!

Next time the trunk show comes to Beadlush, make sure you stop in. You won't regret it (but your wallet might!).


Finally, late today (around rush hour EST) I found myself on the Etsy's front page!

Etsy Front Page 6.15.09

My new whiskey quartz made a brief appearance!

Thank you Etsy gods! :)


Hope you all had a great weekend and have a terrific week!

Until next time....


alfcreations said...

Ooh! Congratulations on the beautiful snags! I've promised myself no more new things until I get some things sold and make some money to pay for them!

Elisha Long said...

OH MY GOODNESS. I want all his gems!!

Jewelry To Di For said...

OMG!! I'm salivating. Those stones are gorgeous!!! I want some...

Jewelry To Di For said...

OMG! I'm salivating! Those gems are gorgeous!! I want some....

Anonymous said...

is it arun of beadsofcambay??
envy you;))))))))))))

msbelle said...

Hee Soon, I don't think so. His name is Arun Shah and he's a young guy originally from Maryland. He goes to India and brings back all these goodies and more. But I don't think he's with them. He's not based in Atlanta although he does travel there with his trunk. He knows Katja and a Yazmin of A Pretty Rock, and a few others we know. You can find him on Facebook too. You might send him a message there. Look for him in my friends.

Anonymous said...

thank you! you are too sweet!;)

PS. I checked you flick contacts of 700some list first.
dunno why i read facebook and went to flickr!