Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Suddenly Summer


Summer is here in all its hot, humid glory. Yesterday morning Kevin and I went to the park with friends before it got to unbearably hot. We encountered lots of cool things!

(aka tadpoles)

Red dragonflies
Species Celithemis elisa - Calico Pennant (the males are the red dragonflies!)

I have since learned the red ones are the male of the species Celithemis elisa - Calico Pennant
red dragonfly

hundreds of tiny toads (or are they frogs?)
little guy 1
You had to watch your step, they were everywhere along the edge of the lake!

and the kids had a lot of fun
running boys

screwy face


Such a lovely day.


Last week was Kevin's scout camp. He had great fun and it was such a pretty place.
the lake

The camp had a medieval theme complete with knights, swords, shields, etc.
knights in armor

tent and weapons

Kevin made his own shield
his finished shield

and had a sword fight!
sword fight
(not real swords of course)

He liked the slingshot
slingshot practice

and the BB guns
BB guns_sized

They did some fishing
the gang fishing

and when it got too hot, there were popsicles

He had a great time! Definitely a memorable experience.
I hope he gets to do it again next year too.
keep the outing in scouting


We'll be making our way to the mountains later in the week. It takes a couple of days for me to get things ready and packed. But hopefully we'll be there by the 4th of July!
Ola Belle fireworks

I'll write again when I can!
Hope everyone has a fantastic summer!
sand castle (summer is here!)

Until next time....

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had some real summer fun!!!
He is adorable and happy!