Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Very Special Day

For the past couple of days, I've been in an very teary and emotional state. I couldn't really put my finger on why, not able to attribute it to any event that I was aware of. I thought it was probably just the full moon. Then it dawned on me: Kevin will no longer be a first grader after today. He's growing up. He's reached a milestone and it's unconsciously getting to me I suppose.

I've been finding things in his backpack over the past few days, things he's done in school such as artwork, assignments, even love notes from his girlfriends! He brought home an award in literacy and made the honor roll too! Then yesterday he brought home some items he and his class had done since the beginning of the school year. I was so very touched by this one in particular.


There was also this outlined hand print
a hand in time

and this poem
Blue poem

Even though the poem says blue
is the best color in the world,
in comparing the following two lists,
his favorite color is still pink!
beginning & end of school year

So with all these precious little mementos reminding me how big he's getting, I've been a weeping wreck!

I'm so very proud of you, my little man. You're my 'sweetpea' and always will be. That's what I called you the very first time I saw you after you were born. You'll be my sweetpea forever and always. But for now, it just seems you're growing up way too fast. I love you.


Something else that makes this day very special is that I have been featured in a blog! Thank you so much to Shiny Adornments for the honor. I'm thrilled and grateful! (You can visit Shiny's shop here. She makes beautiful jewelry herself!)


I was recently asked to participate in an article by the Style Campaign blog in which 10 Etsians share their photography tips. (we all know how much I grumble about doing pics of jewelry). You can find some good tips in this article.

Along those same lines, more good jewelry photography tips can be found on Jasmin's blog. She has several posts about jewelry photography techniques and tips that I found fascinating and very educational. I'm trying some of them out but haven't yet quite worked out what I want to do. I really admire her photos though. They are totally droolworthy! Thanks for all your tips Jasmin! (I want your camera!)


So today has been a special day. Tearful and happy, it's these moments that make memories. I'm sure I'll be in tears when I pick up my little man for the last day of first grade. I'm hoping he won't cry too, but I bet he will. We'll see who cries first!

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