Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Barney's Famous!! ;)

My wonderful Barney has been featured as
the Etsy Pet over on the Lillyella blog.

He'd love for your all to come and meet him!

He sends you all some
big, slobbery doggy kisses! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Back! And Introducing Etsy's Best Kept Secrets

Hi everyone! I've finally returned from my blogging hiatus. (It's about time, huh? If you know me at all, you realize this is nothing new!) I hope you have all been well and enjoyed your summer.

The boy and I spent our summer in the mountains at my mother's. We had a great time but it went by way too fast.

Double rainbow over Ashe Park

Summer is now gone and it's finally beginning to feel like autumn (I thought it would never cool off). Before you know it, Christmas will be here and it will be a new year. Time just flies....

on their way out


I have some new pieces in my shop I'd like to share with you as well as news about a new team I have joined. (I'm very excited to be a member!) First I'd like to show you what I have made recently.

Tourmalinated quartz briolette and garnet necklace in 14k goldfill #2
Tourmalinated quartz and garnet necklace.

Pink amethyst briolette hammered circle earrings in sterling & goldfill
Pink amethyst circle earrings.

Amethyst briolette and dotted circle necklace - oxidized sterling and goldfill
Amethyst and dotted circle necklace.

Garnet briolette and hammered oval earrings in sterling and goldfill
Garnet and hammered oval earrings.

Green Onyx Briolette Solitaire Necklace in Oxidized Sterling
Green onyx necklace.

Rhodolite garnet circle necklace - oxidized stelring and goldfill
Rhodolite garnet circle necklace.

More new pieces will be coming. I have some lovely pearls to knot for necklaces. It's been a while since I knotted. Everyone needs a classic pearl necklace. Look for some here and in the shop soon!


The Secret is Out!

I'm excited to tell you about a blog that was recently created this fall by our new team called Etsy's Best Kept Secrets. We will be featuring all forms of creative media, not just jewelry, and not simply our own work. Our group was born in spring 2010 out of a passion for art and all things creative. I hope you will come visit and follow us. New things appear there all the time. Remember, Christmas is right around the corner. You might find something there that would make the perfect gift!