Thursday, October 11, 2012

MsBelle Photography Now Open for Business!!

Hello everyone!
I'm stopping in to tell you all I have finally opened
my new photography shop on Etsy!

I wanted to invite you all to come visit.
I finally took the plunge and did it,
so now comes the task of filling it up.

Right now I am offering fine art prints in various sizes
to fill that empty space on your wall, dresser, desk or table.
Heck, maybe even brighten up the cubicles or walls at your office!
Wherever there is a spot that needs some color or a conversation piece,
or just something cool or pretty to look at, that's where I come in!
I hope to offer more of a variety of things as time goes on.  

While I was at it, and to go along with my new shop,
I also created a new Facebook page for my photography.

After having many different people of the years tell me
I should sell my photos, I'm finally going to give it a shot.
(no pun intended)

I hope you will all stop by and 'Like' me! :)


(...and now I must stop right here and brag just a bit.)

What really prompted me to finally get going on my shop was this...

My Blowing Rock photo was selected to be
on the cover of the October 2012 issue of Charlotte Magazine!
How cool is that?!!

You cannot imagine how thrilled and proud I am to
have had this photograph chosen out of all the shots
out there that could have been selected.
I was beyond flattered to say the least.
I was stunned, excited, and beside myself with joy!

It even appears on their website too!
(I took a screen shot for posterity of course!)

I wasn't even aware the issue was out yet until
the boy and I were in the grocery store and there it was!
It jumped out at me on the newsstand as I
immediately recognized my shot!
It was such a cool feeling.  :)

So that's what finally did it.

I enjoy photography so much and it's so very
fulfilling knowing that others enjoy it as well.
Thank you to Charlotte Magazine for the opportunity you have given me.
I cannot thank you enough!

See ya'll later!