Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life Happens

Hi folks! I'm still here!
It's been a while, huh?

Yes, I'm still alive;

Yes, I'm still making jewelry
(albeit not as often with arthritis creeping into my hands;

Yes, I'm still doing photography 
(but more on the iPhone now than anything);


Yes, life happens when I'm not blogging.

Mostly I have been cooking!
beef stew

honey wheat bread
chocolate brownies with icing

When the boy was diagnosed with ADD in third grade, we changed our diet to organic and non-GMO. We cut out all artificial colors and preservatives as well. I pretty much make our meals mostly from scratch now. We stopped consuming GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and 'fake' food whenever possible. It's just something we do not want or agree with, and personally, GMOs are on my list of things not to be trusted. They are not a necessary part of this planet nor do I believe they a good idea for our bodies. So we have chosen to remove them from our diet.

I have discovered that I kind of like cooking. It's growing on me anyway. I especially like using the pressure cooker. Mine is electronic and it's a breeze to use. I make a pretty yummy chicken/turkey noodle soup in it. I also use it to make my own chicken stock from the leftover carcass of the bird I cooked in it the night before. Sooooo much better than the store bought chicken stock. Wow, what a difference!

But enough of food....

Now on to jewelry!


I'm happy to say that I will be offering a discount in my shop coming up shortly as Valentine's Day approaches. Hopefully I will have a few new items in the shop by then as well. I will post here when the shop goes on sale for sure!
(Unfortunately I did not get to put my shop on sale for 
this Valentine's Day. So sorry.)


My team has changed our name to Artisan Anthology. We have been known for the past 4 years as Etsy's Best Kept Secrets, but now we have a new identity and a new Facebook page to go along with it. Won't you please come over and give us a 'Like'?

We'd love to see you there!

Until next time....

May all your lights be green!