Thursday, July 26, 2007

50th Sale!

Rhodolite Garnet Briolette Cascade Earrings

Rhodolite Garnet Briolette Cascade Necklace

Yay! I'm going to toot my own horn for a moment here. I finally reached my 50th sale in my Etsy shop! One of my oldest remaining sets (but sold separately) finally left my possession and went to Michigan. I waited to post about it until I received feedback from the customer. Not only did I receive glowing feedback, I got a quick email note from my customer and had to pass along what she said:

"Hi Ginger!

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. I love the new set, it is gorgeous! I'm attending a late college graduation ceremony next weekend, and I look forward to wearing my beautiful new jewelry. I left positive feedback for you on Etsy.

I appreciate the beauty and creativity you put into your art work.

Take care,
(customer name)"

I was thrilled to get this note from her and very proud she thought enough of my jewelry to wear it to such an important function. I'll be right there with her in spirit! To this customer, thank you very much! You have made me smile and filled my heart with joy!


I also learned that my avatar set will in fact be worn for a wedding. The customer is getting married on the beach in Jamaica! Wow! How cool is that? She is going to send me photos (I hope) so I can see it on the bride. I'm looking so forward to those pictures.

To my customer, congratulations!!! I hope you have a long and happy life together with your new husband. (You're sure getting off to a great start in Jamaica!)


So many beads and so little inspiration. I have to confess that I have recently bought quite a few new beads but just can't seem to find the inspiration now to create anything. It's been raining cats and dogs here at mom's and being inside has put a damper on my creativity. Anybody else get that way? I have only created four new things and photographed them, but I'm not at all satisfied with the pics. Not that they're bad, they are just kind of lifeless. I've always struggled with my photos and this time I'm struggling even more for some reason. I can't get the lighting to suit me or the pieces; they just seem blah or something. They don't jump out at me and I'm just getting very frustrated.

Now that the sun has come out today perhaps I will become inspired again and get something done. I'm going to re-photograph the pieces, somehow. I may get really wild with them this time, who knows?! It just seems like I can't do them justice, but maybe the sunshine being out will help. I do like using the light tent in daylight. I like the look using daylight. But if anyone has any suggestions on product photography for pretty, shiny things please let me know! I'll try anything.

Take care everyone! I hope you are not all being flooded or in a drought either. May your day be well and happy!

Until next time....


beakee said...

Congratulations, Ginger :) I've just about given up on sets and won't do them again. But it's really exciting to know that your jewellery is gonna be worn to important events!

Oh and it's been raining the entire week here in Singapore, and I'm feeling the same blah as you. Photography is next to impossible with all that cloud cover. I guess you just have to wait for the right moment!


knitsteel said...

Congratulations! The earrings are beautiful. said...

How wonderful!

I could see getting attached to a set of your jewelry too!

Beadiful Things said...

That's great, Ginger! Makes you feel pretty puffed up being part of such a special day for someone, huh? :-) I'm sure the bride will look beautiful wearing your set and I hope to see a photo of it later.

I hear ya on the rain. The kids are I are all suffering from major cabin fever. When will it end!???

msbelle said...

Thanks you guys!