Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Treaury Lists

We all know and love it: the Etsy Treasury. What a wonderful place to be recognized for your work, even if just for a few fleeting moments. And if you get the chance to create your own list, you get to recognize others for their accomplishments in return. In the back of your mind you go there searching for that gold star, always wondering if you are hiding in there somewhere on someone's list, just waiting to hit the front page for your 15 minutes of fame!

Well, today my dear friend Stephanie did make the front page!!! Wahoo!! You go girl! I raise my glass to you and your beautiful salmon knotted necklace! It's a lovely piece and so is the front page as you grace it in this wonderful list.

Stephanie on the front page!

Doesn't her necklace just light up the front page? :)

I'm always checking the treasury to see what's there and who created lists of what, and yes, to see if I'm in there somewhere. I have found so many wonderful artists by scouring the treasury. I really like the concept. I do wish they would get all the kinks worked out finally. I used to love seeing who was in there looking around and chasing the little icons all over the screen! I miss that. It was fun. And I miss knowing how many people were viewing a list at one time. I guess it's just good that we still have a working treasury at all thanks to Jared. I still like it. It's still fun. And I always look for my friends on the front page and jump up and down for them when they are!

I felt so thrilled when I saw you there Stephanie! It was like I had made the front page with you! Congratulations!


(I'll throw this in for good measure.) I appreared in a very pretty list today. It wasn't on the front page or anything though. But it did have a fairly well known jewelry designer in it and she appears right below me in this list. I felt honored to be included. I just felt proud! :)

Thank you to kaleidoscopestuduio for the inclusion!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!


bellacolle said...

Oh my goodness! so lovely! wow...
with that said... sorry for the shamefull plug... visit my blog girl...A happy contest.

beakee said...

Yes yes! I saw it too and was so happy and excited for Steph! :D

Steph said...

Ginger, you are absolutely the sweetest!!

I appreciate your enthusiasm so much! Thank you, thank you.